Make A Strong Social Security Disability Claim With These Smart Tips

If you are disabled, you need to enjoy the Social Security Disability Claim, depending on your type of disability.  SSD insurance offers life compensation to enable you to navigate the disability challenges.  However, this claim is not for everyone disabled. It caters to workers with severe conditions that make them not work or earn again. Before enrolling in it, you have to know if you are eligible and have someone conversant with it to help you navigate the application process. If you are one of the applicants, this article has your back. It will discuss some tips you can use to make your claim go through. Here are some ways.

Determine your eligibility

How do you determine your eligibility? Before going ahead to make a claim, you have to know if you are eligible for it.  As per the Social Security Administration (SSA), not all disabilities are equal. Some fit for the compensation, while others do not. First, for you to be considered for the SSDI benefits, you need to be impaired for a year or more, be under retirement, and be a FICA taxpayer for the last ten years. You also need to compile your work history and employment dates.  

While you can check for eligibility online, it is essential to work with a representative to help you sail through the process. It is vital to get someone with this specialty to help you to win these benefits. Filing the case on your own can pass you through obstacles that might ruin your chances. 

Get help earlier

The whole process of applying for disability benefits is stressful, demanding, time-consuming and discouraging. For a person who does not practice patience, they might give up on the process.  The earlier you seek this help, the earlier you will receive the benefits and avoid the tedious hearing process. 

With earlier intervention, the representatives will help you file the critical information and will help you on the hearing session to get the benefits.  As emphasized at, a good disability lawyer will help you go through the complex application process, and they will set you for success since they understand the system. A law representative will help you sail through the application process and will help you fill the paperwork efficiently and accurately, as needed. All this increases your chances of getting the benefits.

File the application immediately

Most people will wait until their finances drain out to file for the Social Security Disability benefits. Since the application doesn’t go through immediately, you will lose financial safety, leaving you broke. Since an initial application takes three to six months, you will need to file it immediately if you meet the threshold to avoid financial suffering. 

Also, when you file earlier, the SSDI can reject or return your application, giving you a chance to reapply again. In most cases, it might accept one out of your three applications. You might get rejected for the first and second time but taken in the last one. The early application enables you to try many chances for consideration.  

Create a budget and spend smarter

After you become disabled, meeting your financial needs can be hectic.  You might end up losing your savings, car, home, or even your 401(k). It is essential to review your spending and come up with better financial decisions.  Since SSDI benefits will not retain your livelihood but put food on your table, it is vital to plan for it by switching to restricted financial spending.  

While waiting for it to come through, you should source other means, including asking assistance from organizations or your community to help you with housing, utilities, and food as you adjust to the new reality. The SSD officers will sometimes check what you are doing to help yourself, besides expecting the claim.  

Maintain your health insurance

Most people will cut down their health insurance after becoming disabled and lose their means of income. Your medical evidence is significant in supporting your SSDI claim.  The application might require your medical records, which you might only get from your health insurance. The last thing you want to encounter during this filing process is failing to get your medical records. If you can’t pay for your current health insurance premiums, you can cut it down to low-budget health insurance to enable it to keep your medical records. This idea will help you produce updated medical records whenever the organization needs them. 

The above are some of the brilliant tips you can use when applying for Social Security Disability Claims. As you can see from the list, it is essential to work with an expert, including a disability lawyer, who will help you with the application. Doing it alone might ruin your chances of getting through the process.