Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

Being able to get quality sleep is crucial for our overall health, both physical and mental. Without sleep, we as human beings suffer massively.

Mattresses are a very important factor in determining the quality of our sleep – a good mattress can provide us the best night sleep whilst a bad quality mattress can similarly cause us not to sleep or to feel more tired and aching in the morning.

Mattresses can be expensive, but they are seen as an investment everyone should make for the sake of their health. It can be overwhelming to find the perfect mattress that will suit your needs, considering the number of options available to you. In this article, we will discuss important things to consider before buying a mattress.

Before you decide what mattress is best for you, you should familiarize yourself with the different types that are out there and how they are fabricated. This will help you narrow your search and help you generate an idea of what you are looking for. Some of the mattresses you can find in the market are:

  • Innerspring mattresses which utilize coils – this usually offers a traditional bouncy feel as well as strong support.
  • Latex mattresses generally provide more bounce and responsiveness than the type discussed above, and they are likely to sleep cooler.
  • Memory foam mattresses are created to contour to the body, resulting in pressure relief. These can be a great investment if you find yourself aching in the morning as a result of having a low-quality mattress.
  • Hybrid mattresses use memory foam or latex layers of an innerspring mattress – this type aims to provide sleepers a mix of softness and support.
  • Air mattresses require an air pump to expand the mattress to the preferred firmness level. Generally, each side of the bed utilizes a separate compartment of air to accommodate two individuals with different desires. 


You may or may not be familiar with the range of different sizes mattresses offer – the basic sizes include Twin, Double, Queen, King, and California King. The size of the mattress is not only necessarily about how many people will share the bed, but also about how much room you have available. Consider your current sleeping struggles – if you share your bed with a partner, and you both struggle for space, you may want to invest in a larger mattress. This is particularly important if you have children who often like to climb into bed with you. However, if you do not have enough room and feel that your bed is taking up precious space, it may be better to downsize.

Comfort Level

As discussed above, different types of mattresses will offer different levels of comfort and you may find one that matches your needs and preferences. Some mattresses are very firm, whilst others are very soft and plush. If you are unsure of what is the best type for you, make sure you visit a variety of shops selling mattresses and give them a try. You may sleep with a partner, and have different requirements and desires. Nowadays, some companies have made it possible for two different sides of the bed to offer different support. allows customers to individualize the support and comfort levels on each side of the best in order to deliver a superior sleep quality. This is very important so that each individual obtains exactly what they need. 

Sleeping Position

You may not consider this factor automatically when thinking about a mattress, however, taking into account your sleeping position is a vital variable in this process. The type you select may differ depending on whether you sleep on your back or stomach or whether you move around with frequency whilst sleeping. Side sleepers, for example, may benefit from a more plush mattress that supports the spine’s natural curve rather than a firmer mattress.


We all are aware that body temperature changes when you sleep, and the temperature is a very common reason in disturbing people’s sleep quality. For this reason, it remains an important factor in determining what type of mattress you should invest in. Generally, traditional memory foam mattresses are better at providing you with a cooler sleeping experience, as they are designed with cooling technology. If this is something you struggle with, consult an expert on the best range that will support you to achieve the desired temperature at night.

Consider Pain and Physical Injuries

Physical injuries are very common, particularly as we age. These can even be a result of sleeping on a mattress of poor quality. Investing in a good mattress can support rehabilitation of this injury and you will not likely get any more injuries as a result of simply sleeping on an inappropriate mattress. Many individuals who suffer from back pain, for example, find that a firmer mattress supports their back by keeping it aligned. When you go mattress shopping, make sure that you disclose any physical issues you may be struggling with, if you feel comfortable in doing so, as this will help the seller identify the best one for you.

Consult Your Health Provider

Along the same lines as we have discussed above, if you have suffered from physical pain, such as your neck and/or back, you must consult your health provider or physiotherapist so that they can recommend what is best for you. Bear in mind that doctors are no experts when it comes to mattresses, however, they may be able to give their opinion based on what is best for you, considering your medical history.

Visit Stores to Test Out Mattresses

This may seem a bit of an awkward thing to do, but visiting a store and testing out the mattresses is the best thing you can do. You should try the product before making a decision, as this will be a long-term investment, and as we discussed previously, the one you choose will have significant effects on your health. Do not be shy and take off your shoes and lie on as many mattresses as you can for a considerable amount of time, and do not select one until you are fully happy with your choice.

Read Reviews from Real Customers

The purpose of sellers is to sell their products – this means that not everyone may always be truthful about what they sell. A great way to find out if a product is good enough is to explore the unbiased opinions of previous customers. Nowadays, with the use of technology, it is very easy to find reviews from other individuals on different platforms. Make sure you read a large proportion of the reviews as this will give you an idea of what a product really is like.

Look for Generous Trial Periods

As mentioned earlier, buying a mattress is a long-term investment, however, many companies offer the opportunity to have a trial period, in which you can try out the product and return it in good condition, should you not be happy with it. This will make the process of finding a mattress easier as at least you will be able to spend your nights on it and make a fully informed decision on how it makes you feel.

Not many people take the time to invest in a mattress that is suitable for their bodies and needs. However, this is a big mistake as sleep quality can have a great impact on your health and even your mood throughout the day. Take the time and follow some of the factors discussed above, so that you can sleep like a baby.