McKibben Slates November 3 for Step It Up 2 Rally

Activists like these in the Florida Keys are encouraged to find local spots named for presidents for the Nov. 3rd Step It Up rally.©

Following on the heels of the nationwide climate rallies last April, environmental writer and activist Bill McKibben announced plans for fall follow-up events aimed at lobbying politicians to pass meaningful legislation to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases. On November 3, thousands of activists and concerned citizens are expected to gather at places across the country named after historic leaders to demand that Congress address four key priorities to stop global warming.

"A year before the next election, we’re asking people to organize rallies large and small in their communities," says McKibben. "Each one should take place in some spot that commemorates great leaders of the past," he says, adding that people have already committed to climbing New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington, meeting in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, gathering at the Rhode Island church where John F. Kennedy was married, and in front of a site honoring Navajo elder and activist Roberta Blackgoat. He expects hundreds of additional locations to be announced during the two-month ramp-up period, and encourages any and everybody to sign up on the website to help organize an event near them.

"By the time the day is done, you"ll have helped change the political landscape," McKibben tells would-be organizers, adding that even though the individual rallies will be local, they will have national impact thanks to coordination from Step It Up 2007’s Vermont headquarters. The campaign plans to gather pictures and video from around the country to create an online slideshow encapsulating how Americans feel about global warming from coast-to-coast.

"There are occasional moments in history when we desperately need leadership, and this is one of them," says McKibben. "If we’re going to deal with global warming, then we need to go beyond politicians who say the right words and find champions who will actually do the tough work to transform our energy economy."

Source: Step It Up 2007