Migration: Monarch Butterfly

Credit: Brad Wilkins, PexelsImagine Super Generation—
travelers of 45 hundred miles
down the continental U.S.
from Canada into Mexico
for a place of never been to,

this 5th generation stronger,
larger, living eight times longer
for the farthest of flyings
filled with sweet nectar, pollen,
reserves after diapause

with an inborn compass (solar)
and antennas telling time,
magnetosensors, other tool
for polarization of light
as they ride the thermals,

these butterflies in migration
for pine and oak forests
in Michoacán, Mexico,
places of never been to,
yet always the same

these sites for overwintering,
for their covering of trees,
arriving before the honoring
Day of the Dead,
as in winged spirits revisiting

to be warmed for months
huddling in their know
what they want, this is their time
of regeneration for journey
that won’t return them home

but will take them north
to the milkweed of southern states,
for drumming of leaves of scent
knowing they’re in the landing
of right place birthing spring.