Moss Point, MS struggles against decades of toxic environmental injustice

Moss Point, a small impoverished town in Mississippi, battles against decades of industrial contamination and environmental injustice.

In coastal Mississippi, pollution from the chemical and petroleum industries has for decades caused elevated levels of disease – nervous disorders, asthma and cancer – in African American and other poor communities. Then, the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina made these medical problems even worse. Now, through their churches, citizens are finding inspiration to conduct their own health surveys, to demand accountability from industry and to insist on action by government officials.

The RENEWAL Project has been designed to make the documentary and its inspiring stories available to people and organizations who want to be a part of this growing movement to protect life on our planet and reverse the damage that humans have done to the environment.

On this website,, you can learn about how RENEWAL is being used by communities across America to help build the religious-environmental movement. It is also a place for you to connect with others who are doing this important work and for you to share stories about your own experience.