Multilevel Marketing Goes Green

Network Selling + Eco-Products = Profits, Say Companies

Multilevel marketing—otherwise known as MLM, or “network marketing”—is a familiar concept to many Americans, though most would more readily recognize the names Amway and Shaklee, companies which have employed such neighbor-to-neighbor sales strategies successfully for decades. Indeed, both companies have become major contenders in the personal care, vitamin and household products industries. This is due, in large part, to the viability of the network markeeting concept, but also to increasing consumer interest in environmentally safe products, which have gradually become a bigger and bigger part of both Amway’s and Shaklee’s product lines. But now some relatively new arrivals on the MLM scene- such as the unmistakably green sounding comapnies Greenway and Natural World—are looking to prove that the grass is even greener on their side of the fence.