Natural Repellents That Will Keep Pests Away From Your Yard

Have you heard about the incredible power of natural repellents? They work by either attacking the animal’s sense of smell (scent-based repellents) or its sense of taste (taste-based repellents). You can make and even enhance existing repellents using items that are readily available in your home. Visit to learn more about different wildlife pests and how to control them.

There are two main reasons people fall back to natural repellents instead of using store-bought chemicals, and it is because they are extremely cost-effective and harmless. Making natural repellents is one of the easiest things you can do. You do not need to travel far to acquire the materials required.

The materials you need are simple everyday items found in your kitchen. At most, you will need to take a trip to your local store to buy them. However, you need to apply the repellents repeatedly for it to be effective, so you can always hire a humane and poison-free company like Active Wildlife Removal for help keeping pests away.

Let us get to it! Here are some natural repellents that will drive away annoying pests from your yard.

  • Hair Repellents

Wild animals know what humans smell like and will go out of their way to make sure they do not run into one. You can certainly use this knowledge to your advantage. Cut a tiny amount of hair, or collect some from your barber or stylist after getting a haircut and place it into as many mesh bags as possible. Secure the mesh bags around your plant’s base with the spacing between each bag no more than 12 inches. You can also surround the perimeter of your home with hair if you have enough of it. You can also substitute human hair for dog fur as many animals are wary of canine scent and will immediately leave once they pick up the smell. The major disadvantage of using hair repellents is that it loses its scent after three days.

  • Pepper Repellents

All you need is water and powdered pepper. Add two tablespoons of ground pepper to 1/2 liter of boiling water. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture once it is cool enough to handle. Spray the ground as well as the leaves of your garden plants to stop them from digging. You can also scatter pepper flakes around your property to ward off skunks, raccoons, and other animal pests.

  • Garlic Repellents

Many wildlife animals have sensitive noses, so they cannot tolerate harsh odors. Mince two fresh garlic cloves and place them in a pot of boiling water. Turn off the heat and allow the garlic to steep while the water gradually cools down. The idea behind this is to draw out as many oils from the garlic as possible. Once the water is cool, pour the mixture into a spray bottle utilizing a filter to remove the residue. Spray the leaves of each plant and the soil around them to ward off plant-eating pests.

  • Urine Repellents

Nothing wards off animal pests like a predator’s urine: squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and rabbits are well aware that they are prey for certain animals. You can purchase the urine of their natural predators and sprinkle it all around your yard. Soak several rags in urine and put them in sandwich bags with holes poked on the side facing up. Place these bags around the perimeter of your property to ward off potential invaders.