Stunning Natural Sites In Britain That You Have To See

Britain is one of the natural jewels that people often forget about. There are many sites that are available for tourists and adventurers to see. Most people often think that cities are the most interesting places to visit in England. But they are completely wrong.

The British Isles can boast itself by some stunning and exasperating patches of nature. However, pollution is a major issue when it comes to nature in developed countries. Although expert waste clearance is used to clean up cities in England, ways still need to be found to preserve nature.

Luckily, these places have still not been touched by pollution and are seen as the best places to go to when going to England.

Ullswater Lake
Ullswater Lake in England’s Lake District. Credit: Stephen Bowler, FlickrCC

The Lake District

The Lake District in England is located in the northern part of the country, more precisely on the north-west coast. It is a national park which is comprised of more than sixteen lakes and looks absolutely stunning. Also, it is a newly minted UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The best place to visit has to be the Windermere, which is also the biggest lakes of them all. But if you want to visit a quieter place, Ullswater Lake is the best place for you. It is exceptionally big as well but has far fewer people visiting.

The Northumberland Coastline

Northumberland is the best place to visit in England if you like coastline. Located in the North of England, it is more than stunning and provides many natural spots but also ancient and iconic castles to visit. One of the best places to go is ancient Holy Island where you absolutely must try out their mead.

But that’s not all. The Farne Islands are another absolutely beautiful patch of deserted islands that you can visit. With intact beauty and great natural sites, if you are lucky you will also be able to see some real-life seals and maybe some whales.

The Highlands of Scotland

The Highlands of Scotland is an area that is like no other in Britain. Actually, it seems like a separate world on its own. It is an iconic area that is a million miles away from any civilization and for that reason alone gives a unique experience for all the visitors who come to visit.

Some parts that you absolutely have to visit include the glacial valley of Bealach Ba. Also, the secluded fishing villages of Torridon and Lower Diabaig are places that are really worth the trip.

The Peak District

The Peak District is relatively easy to visit. You can simply make it there with a simple train ride from London or rent a car to get there. But the best way to visit it is by dropping in if you are visiting Manchester.

Probably the best site to visit is the underground river that flows below the area and the Winnats Pass. Once you see all that and as you get cold, head on towards the Chatsworth House and spend a night at the Gathering.


Snowdonia is a national park area located in Wales and is also the home to Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and England.

If you like adventure, make sure to bring your hiking gear with you. Climb up all the way to the summit with your friends and enjoy the view. However, if you don’t really like physical activity and would rather only enjoy the view, head on up with a train and look at all the beauty that Mount Snowdon has to offer you.