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  1. Ben-Ami Eliahu
    May 2, 2016 @ 7:06 am

    The trouble is, as can be seen in a recent Gallup survey, is that environmental issues are loosing public’s attention. I quote here from Lawrence Solomon’s article in Financial Post :
    “Where in 1991, 78 per cent of Americans — Democrats and Republicans alike — identified themselves as “an environmentalist,” that number has plummeted by almost half, to just 42 per cent today, with even lower percentages applying to Independents (39 per cent) and Republicans (27 per cent). Where environmentalism was once an inspirational mass movement, promoted at the grassroots by earnest environmentalists, it is today seen as tired and tedious, the preserve of professional environmentalists, lobbyists, bureaucrats and politicians.”
    It great that new movies are coming out (and maybe a new ‘An Inconvenient Truth ‘), yet I think writers and movie makers should find new interpretations and representations to these issues, to pull the general public’s attention back in. That is what I’m trying to do in my writings anyway.


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