Nokia’s Got the Greenest Cell Phone

Nokia topped Greenpeace"s annual Guide to Greener Electronics

If your cell phone is made by Nokia and you care about the environment, pat yourself on the back. Of the eighteen companies compared in the new version of Greenpeace’s annual Guide to Greener Electronics, released last week, the Finnish cell phone giant scored highest with a 7 out of 10 possible points on the basis of its responsible management of chemicals, use of renewable energy and the energy efficiency of its newer models. Samsung, FSC, Sony Ericcson and Sony held their own in the 5.5/10 range, while Nintendo, Microsoft, Sharp and Motorola brought up the rear, scoring less than 4/10 each.

Greenpeace scores electronics brands based on three primary interrelated criteria: toxic and hazardous waste generated during production and distribution, take-back/recycling at the end of a product’s useful lifecycle, and overall responsiveness to new climate-related challenges. The guide is available for free on the Greenpeace website, and anyone contemplating buying a new computer, cell phone or television should check it out before making a purchase.

Source: Greenpeace