Poop in a Bag

Kenya served as the inspiration for the Peepoo bag, which converts human waste to fertilizer.© peepoople.com

Peepoo, a one-time-use bag designed to convert waste into fertilizer, also destroys disease-producing pathogens. Created by Anders Wilhelmson, an architect and professor in Stockholm, as a single-use "toilet" for urban slums in developing countries, this biodegradable plastic bag can be knotted, buried and forgotten.

The layer of urea crystals inside the sack works to break down the waste while killing harmful pathogens, and turns the matter into usable fertilizer. While conducting research, Wilhelmson found that in many urban slums in Kenya there were wide open spaces where waste was able to be buried. His inspiration came when he witnessed some of the civilians collecting their feces in a plastic bag and flinging it as a means of disposal. Wilhelmson hopes that his affordable and environmentally friendly alternative will help improve unsanitary conditions worldwide.

SOURCES: Peepoople; New York Times.