Progressives Launch Counterattack on Fox News

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald joined forces with the Sierra Club to expose falsehoods about the environment being spread by Fox News.©

A grassroots coalition of environmental, religious, and activist groups launched a campaign last week targeting the Fox News Network for spreading misinformation about global warming. The campaign is urging Home Depot, which has pledged concern for the environment, to stop advertising on Fox.

Led by the Sierra Club and documentarian Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films, the campaign kick-off includes a short video—"Fox Attacks: The Environment"—and an online petition to Home Depot, both posted on the new website

"Fox consistently spreads misinformation about global warming and denies the problem exists," says Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope. "We have a very real, urgent problem that scientists tell us we need to respond to immediately. The fact that Fox is ignoring widely accepted science on global warming is irresponsible and dangerous. Fox is effectively accelerating global warming by delaying efforts to solve the problem."

Besides the Sierra Club and Brave New Films, the coalition includes Progressive Christians Uniting, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, American Family Voices, Campaign for America’s Future, Campus Progress, the California Council of Churches, the National Organization of Women, and Civic Action.

Source: Sierra Club