Project Noah

Logging the world’s organisms, one user-submitted photo at a time.
Noah stands for “networked organisms and habitats,” and the goal of the Project Noah app is to log all of the world’s organisms, one user at a time. Either from your phone or the web, you can submit photos of species, try to identify them and and discuss them with others.

Project Noah has three categories: spottings, the location-based field guide and field missions. With the first, users can submit pictures of species they find and tag their location. The Noah community can help identify a species if you can’t, and all spottings made are kept on an interactive map. The second shows which plants and animals live near you, so that you can learn about your local species. The third allows you to contribute to research projects and learn more about the species involved.

Whether you are a student, a parent or a wildlife enthusiast, Project Noah can help you learn about plants and animals while contributing to both a global database and research projects. As you zero in on documenting certain searches–such as butterfles, birds or animal homes, you can earn badges. Teachers can even utilize the app (or via the website) to create school-based missions.

Price: Free