Providing Support

To help address the fears and assuage the frustration brought on by specific childhood ailments, these groups provide families with practical advice, information and support: Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning — strives to change perceptions about childhood lead poisoning and to develop and implement national prevention programs. Tel: (202) 543-1147,

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America — provides patient education and advocacy for asthma and allergy sufferers and supports medical research. Tel: (800) 727-8462,

Beyond Pesticides/NCAMP — helps the public identify pesticide hazards in their homes, schools and communities and provides information on less toxic alternatives. Tel: (202) 543-5450,

Birth Defect Research for Children — informs parents about birth defects and their environmental causes and provides support services to children. Tel: (407) 895-0802,

Developmental Delay Resources — clearinghouse for parents of children with attention deficits, learning and behavioral problems, delayed development and autism. Tel: (301) 652-2263, — explores the science, latest research findings and political issues behind endocrine disruptors.

Practical Allergy Research Foundation — provides information on children’s chemical and food sensitivity and related behavioral problems. Tel: (716) 875-0398,