The Beginner’s Guide To Psychic Readings

credit: Gantas,

1. Set a comfortable environment

The most crucial part of psychic readings, even more than the readings, is the setting. The client needs to be as comfortable as possible, and this requires you to set a suitable environment. The environment, for this matter, refers to both the physical setting, as well as the spiritual setting and the aura you create before the session. Get comfortable seats with cool lighting and some scented candles, if necessary. It is important to create an environment where the client takes you seriously, for the reading to be successful. Consider setting up charts with relevant psychic references to set up your authority as a psychic. The client is more likely to believe you if you come across as a professional who knows what they are doing. On the psychological front, ensure that you put the client as the center of attention. Remember they are the most essential part of the reading. Create a calm feel in the room; project a sympathetic personality, such that the client becomes responsive and cooperative, and make sure they are comfortable. Having a calm demeanor, constant eye contact, and non-confrontational body language will keep the client at ease, such that they can open up to you, making the reading much easier.

2. Learn common topics

One of the easiest ways to establish rapport with your client is to start by introducing a common theme; talk about something that applies generally to everyone. Seven topics that are generally discussed by people from all walks of life include health, money, love, travel, education, ambition, and career. Introduce one of these topics into your reading, being incredibly vague and general, and try to establish which of them resonates most vividly with your client. Ask plenty of questions and make equally many statements regarding each topic, and ensure you keep a note about which topic the client responds to mostly. That will help create a bearing for subsequent readings.

3. Learn ancient wisdom

In everything, learning from other people is usually one of the best and quickest ways to get knowledge. The same case applies to psychic readings. A quick way to get knowledgeable in your readings is to acquire wisdom from established mediums, from observation or reading their books. Older psychics hold vast knowledge and many have ancient wisdom that will help you improve the quality of your work. Established psychics will help you understand some of the jargon necessary during psychic readings, and will give you spiritual insights into how you can connect even much better with the spiritual realm and its relationship with the client. Further, you can learn techniques that may not be commonplace with many current psychics that may prove even more effective than current techniques. Learning this ancient wisdom will help endear you to clients as you will offer indisputable results, boosting your credibility.

4. Get in-depth knowledge

The biggest tip to being a good psychic is to be knowledgeable in a plethora of subjects. Having widespread knowledge will help you connect even better with clients as you speak about their various concerns. Having deep knowledge will also help the clients trust you more, which will make their session much easier and faster to complete. Most importantly, it is essential to have psychology or sociology knowledge, as these form the basis of many people’s problems. With sufficient psychology knowledge, you will easily understand many of your clients’ problems, and this will help with getting readings that are related to the problems they are having. With psychology knowledge, you will act like a shrink and medium for the client, and the in-depth conversations you will have with them will make your work easier. While studying may seem like cumbersome work, it is a small price to pay to make your work easier.

5. Learn various psychic reading techniques

A sure way to become a good psychic is to learn various reading techniques. Knowing the majority of the techniques will help you obtain a wider clientele list, and will also help increase the effectiveness of your readings. The most common techniques used are palm readings and tarot cards. Tarot cards, especially, are rather easy to learn and are often the best way to start on a psychic journey. Some other niche categories are clairvoyance and clairaudience, as people nowadays are highly interested in learning what their future looks like, or what others think of them. Regardless of which techniques you learn, however, ensure that there is one in which you are very good at so that you can specialize in it. Having a specialty will ensure that your success rate is much higher, compared to being a jack of all trades, and this will boost your approval ratings from your clients and potential clients.