Where Can You Buy Heavy Construction Equipment Online?

While it’s popular in the construction industry to rent equipment, rentals have their limits, and it can make more sense to buy. There are a few factors you should take into account here: inventory control and fleet management, availability of equipment, the cost of renting versus owning, and your present financial situation.

Construction business owners can struggle when it comes to purchasing heavy equipment. It can be a massively expensive purchase, even costing five or six figures. And if the owner hasn’t used the equipment before, it can also be a risk.

In an effort to avoid some of the dangers that come with purchasing heavy construction equipment, here are six places online where you can access affordable deals for both used and new options.

Construction Equipment Guide

If you like the sound of buying your equipment from a construction auction, the best place to go online is Construction Equipment Guide. While it’s not possible to bid on the site directly, you’ll find construction equipment auctions that have been aggregated from other sources on the Web and posted onto an online calendar. Potential buyers of heavy equipment are then able to find out if there’s anything they can bid on that’s based somewhere near where they live. For anyone who doesn’t live close to any of the equipment, many of the online sources the site looks to offer online bidding as well.


Surprisingly enough, eBay provides a decent selection of heavy construction equipment. One of the best things about the online auction site is that it doesn’t take long to search for the exact options that are appropriate to your needs.

The heavy equipment category has a larger number of “Buy It Now” sales and far fewer bidding options than other categories on the site. There’s both an advantage and a disadvantage here. While many of the sales are providing heavy construction equipment at a reasonable cost, you should practice the site’s best practices and exercise due diligence in ensuring you’re getting the exact piece of equipment you want and at the right price.

Equipment Trader

Equipment Trader has over 99,000 prices of equipment for you to choose from in both used and new categories. The company are specialists in industrial and earthling equipment, making it a great port of call, for commercial firms especially.

And if you’re a dealer or if you have some old equipment you want to throw out, you won’t have any trouble listing it for sale on this user-friendly site. Equipment owners can list their products through the portal, although you should know that you sometimes have to wait 72 hours for your listing to be verified. And every single listing goes through this verification process.


IronPlanet has made quite a splash, and has even been compared to Netflix in terms of its place in the market. The company is run 100% online.

The process starts when the trader cosigns any equipment they wish to sell. Once that’s been done, IronPlanet looks the equipment over and then makes it available to buy on the site. IronPlanet takes responsibility for all the marketing too, until the asset is eventually sold. The site claims that the majority of items are sold in as little as four to six weeks. The site looks stunning, is user-friendly, and boasts numerous reviews that complement its customer service.


The site’s construction category is full of relevant equipment, such as tires, backhoes, compressors, and loaders. Mascus offers both old and new equipment sales, as well as auctions and the chance to compare equipment specifications. It’s a user-friendly site, with the equipment neatly organized into relevant categories.

Machinery Trader

With free listings for sellers, along with potential renters and buyers, this site is a fantastic resource for those seeking heavy construction equipment without wanting to invest too much money. The site also offers attachments, components, and parts at a discounted rate, as well as dismantled machines for adventurous contraction company owners.

The site can be tricky to navigate, however. It isn’t possible to filter your search by a specific zip code, and the basic search feature isn’t great either.

Wrap Up


Purchasing construction equipment can be a costly and daunting endeavor. So it only stands to reason that some construction owners like to be careful before they commit. Check out the above websites, and it will make your equipment buying that much easier. And as an added bonus, you should also definitely pay Fleet Up Marketplace a visit too.