Refresh Your Look With These 7 Fashion Ideas

When we’re caught up in life, we often don’t stop to look at ourselves and look back at how we’ve grown. But in reality, we’re all constantly changing and becoming new people. And with us, our wardrobe should evolve as well. But, if we forget to look back, we probably won’t notice how consistently average our wardrobe is and how big of a change it can be when we add even the smallest thing. So, in an effort to kiss 2020 goodbye and walk into the new year with a new attitude and new confidence, let’s take a look at some incredibly chic ways you can update and refresh your wardrobe!

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Every good wardrobe starts with a staple pair of jeans. However, if you’re still sticking with basic blue skinny jeans – you need to upgrade. A pair of basic blue jeans are fine, but it won’t give you the fresh, original look that will switch things up in your wardrobe. So forget plain and forget ripped – what you need is something with a twist. Look for statement zippers, decorative cuffs, or patterned pockets. 

Something that won’t be too in-your-face but will definitely not be plain. This is the first building block of many outfits, so make sure that it’s comfortable, fits, and looks well and that it’s a good, durable, sustainable material because you’ll want to have them for a long time. If you’re not a fan of jeans, go for black denim to ease you in.

Layer up

The easiest way to change your style and add some actual fashion into your wardrobe is to put layers and layers of clothing on. For example, if you’ve been wearing a lot of plain sweaters, try mixing it up. Choose something classic but stunning, say the menswear pros over at, and pair it up with a simple collar shirt sticking both on top and bottom for a casual look, or just on top for something smarter. You can layer things over and under basically anything, like a plaid button-up over a hoodie or a turtleneck underneath an open or tied shirt. Play around with colors, prints, and silhouettes to get something unique.

Basic T-shirts

When was the last time you wore a basic, solid-color T-shirt with pants and nothing else? We tend to think of this as “too simple,” but in reality, it’s the simplicity that gives it class and style. You really don’t need anything else, especially if you followed the first tip and got jeans that are something extra. This looks good on both men and women, and it’s a look that is universally accepted as “put together, but not too much.” So make sure that your basic T-shirts are actually high-quality, thick fabrics that will keep their shape and fit your body well.

Leave your hat on

A beret, sun har, snap-back, baseball cap, or any other hat under the sun – just go with it. Not enough people wear hats these days, and it’s such an elegant, simple way to upgrade your outfit. It can sometimes feel weird if you’ve never worn a hat on a casual day before, but you’ll soon get used to it, and it will feel strange leaving the house without it. If you have longer hair, you can also play with other kinds of head accessories that you can stick or braid into your hair.

Let’s talk socks

Socks can honestly make or break an outfit. Especially for taller people who often find that pants don’t always reach the tops of their shoes, socks are no longer a utilitarian item like underwear – they are a part of the look. If you have some basic jeans and a shirt on, go for socks with a strong print that will make a statement. 

On the other hand, if you have an outfit that is quite smart, but your ankles are on display – go sockless. If you need them for comfort, get minimum slip-on, but nothing visible. Let your ankles be seen – scandalous, I know. Just this small change and a tiny bit of skin showing will really make the outfit look a lot better, so just give it a go.

Run away from gender roles

It’s time to take a page from Harry Styles’ book. He is never afraid to accessorize with “women’s” accessories, and you shouldn’t either. Women wear those ties, suspenders, and bow ties. Men put on the pearl necklace with that button-down shirt and a million rings on each finger. Break those norms we’ve been taught to stick to, and you’ll open up a world of style you never thought possible before. It might feel unusual at first, but that’s because it’s new only – the moment you embrace it as part of your style, you’ll be the biggest fashion icon on the block, with no competition.

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It’s always a sad moment when you put an outfit together, and you then cover it up with a basic, drab jacket. Your outerwear should match the style of your general wardrobe. Don’t be afraid of bold prints and colors on your jackets, silhouettes that jump out of the norm, and experimenting with accessories over your outerwear. This will make sure that you look just as good going to the party as you will when you walk in. Especially in times of COVID, where the only events are taking place outside, if you want to look cool, you’ll need to stay warm, so plan ahead and get some outerwear pieces that you’ll be proud to style.

Refreshing your wardrobe doesn’t have to mean blowing a hole through your bank account. You don’t need a completely new wardrobe; you just need to find new ways to wear what you already have. Remember that all the items you have are just clothing – fashion is how you wear them. That is where you have all the agency and all the responsibility because the way you put things together and the attitude you have while wearing them is what will determine how good it looks. So take a good look at your wardrobe, throw any insecurities in the bin and start wearing something new and fresh.