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My dear friends , today I would like to tell you guys which Replica Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea watch is the best , look carefully .In 1967, Rolex launched the Sea-Dweller reference 1665, a watch capable of withstanding underwater pressures to a depth of 610m. Over the years, the brand continued to improve its offering, introducing Ref 16660 , Ref 16600 , and the latest Deep Sea Ref 116660 , introduced in 2008. The brand then surprised many last year when it launched the Deep Sea D-Blue, a rare commemorative watch with an odd blue dial.

So which one should you dive in for? Which would make the best companion, under water or back on the shore? This is of course, a matter of opinion, but let us make an argument for each one first.

Replica Rolex introduced the Deep Sea Ref 116660 in 2008, with a brand new case architecture patented by Rolex Replica, known as the Ring lock System. Rolex doesn’t mess around too much with tradition, so making such a move could mean only one thing: Rolex was willing to compromise form over function.

The new system allowed the watch to resist water pressures at much greater depths than ever before, thanks to the high resistance ring placed between the crystal and the case back, a sapphire crystal and a titanium case back.

The new version of the Rolex Deepsea Replica Watches, although a little odd, struck a chord with Rolex enthusiasts because of its fantastic ocean blue degraded dial. Otherwise, the D-Blue showcases the exceptional strength and waterproof capabilities of the Rolex DeepSea Ref 116660. A nearly indestructible nitrogen-alloyed stainless steel compression ring is positioned inside the watch case, around the movement, to provide support for the crystal and the case back. Whatever which one is your favorite , you can find it on our store , the same quality ,but different price.