Ring In An Eco Friendly New Year

Celebrations at the end of the year are a perfect way to draw attention to your support to making the world more eco friendly.  Thy may also inspire habits which last a lifetime. Get a head start and incorporate eco focused ideas into your holiday, no matter how many celebrations you attend.  

Arriving In Style

New Year’s Eve is probably the best night to leave the bike locked up safe and sound.  That doesn’t mean you can’t be eco friendly. We all love arriving at a party in style, being picked up by limo and whisked away to your destination gives you more time to enjoy the evening.  Why not make it a party on the way in and arrange to share the limo with others? This also makes it a little easier on the wallet. Who knows, perhaps you might develop the taste for sharing rides and not bother owning a car.

For those who need a limo, look forward to 2021 when there should be all electric limousines available to help you minimise your carbon footprint.  In the meantime, get prepared to ring in changes to company car schemes as all electric cars will have a 0% Benefit In Kind tax rate from April 2020.  Now is the time to start doing some homework to figure out how best to take advantage of the coming boon and arrive in the EV style of your choice.

Share The Fireworks Experience

We all love fireworks, never more so than at New Years, counting down the decade and ringing in 2020. This year make a resolution to watch on a screen rather than launch your own.  This is far safer than setting off your own. It will also mean that local animals will have an easier New Year’s and help keep pollution down.

If you love the magic of seeing the fireworks, plan to be there and book your tickets for local events.  Alternatively, make it a holiday trip to enjoy one of the big city or mountain top displays.  

Host An Eco Theme To Your New Year’s Celebration

As this is the end of the Decade, even more reason to have a flashback costume party to recall all the good times from the past which can inspire an eco friendly future.  To make the point that there is no Planet B, having an Around the World party, why not inspire some eco tourism or a charity raffle to raise funds for your favourite eco charities. With the play on a new decade, there are bound to be 2020 Vision themed parties making the point to Go Green!

With thoughts of moving to our future, many hosts are looking to make a statement with their New Year’s celebration.  If you are just starting to plan yours, perhaps think through start to finish on how you can make it as eco friendly as possible.

Plan To Be Eco 

It’s not just about what you say, it is about what you do.  Incorporate eco planning as part of your holiday celebration.  Plan to go eco and send out all electric invitations and incorporate as many eco friendly ideas as you can into the event.  Some have turned to using Facebook, but there are number of party planning apps which may be useful. Have a look at apps like Evite, Punchbowl, and if you are planning to cook, have a look at apps like Pro Party Planner.  

From decorations through to the glassware, there are a million reasons to spend some thought on how to go eco.  Many have turned to using versatile food trucks to provide everything from staff to a fusion of flavours to set any mouth watering and save on costs. Now is the time to book them in to avoid disappointment.

If need help cleaning up for your party and to ensure your clean-up is taken care of properly, make sure that they care about the environment too.  Many can provide the staff who know how to clear up quickly and help free up your time to enjoy your success without breaking the budget.

Décor and More

Do your bit and try to find a venue with a like mind that uses biodegradable or paper confetti instead of balloons.  Whether you are hiring a venue or at home, take a light touch on glitter and glossy banners and opt instead for LED fairy lights, rice paper lanterns, and other decorations which can be used again.

Finding eco friendly decorations and tableware is getting easier all the time.  There are many alternatives to choose from, so ditching party disposables can be a satisfying way of knowing that there isn’t more rubbish to go out.  If you are thinking that disposables are the way to go, please make sure they are biodegradable.  

If you plan to host more than one party over the next few years, investing in bamboo plates could be a good way to go.  Combine that with washable cloth napkins, and it could make all the difference. As for straws, there are now a few options for biodegradable ones made from rice or bamboo, rather than going with paper straws which become soggy.

Pretty Perfect

Getting a head start on the 2020 decade focus to Go Green by becoming more consciously eco friendly will pay huge dividends for many years to come.  There is no need to spend a fortune going green. Being confident that you are learning more every day is better than doing nothing.