Safe Sex for Species

Greenhouse gas emissions—especially from high-consumption nations like the U.S. —led to Arctic ice melting and the polar bear being put on the Endangered Species list in 2008.© Center for Biological Diversity

In an effort to highlight the relationship between the increase in human population (now at 6.8 billion) and species extinctions, the Center for Biological Diversity has implemented a program to distribute 350,000 free Endangered Species Condoms. In exploiting the earth’s resources for food, products and shelter, humans are causing the destruction of countless habitats and ecosystems, driving animals out of their homes. In fact, human overpopulation is the driving force behind the mass-extinction crisis facing 12% of mammals, 12% of birds, 31% of reptiles, 30% of amphibians and 37% of fish, according to the Center.

Using clever slogans and animal pictures, the condom packages advocate for the polar bear, snail darter, spotted owl, American burying beetle, jaguar and coqui guajon rock frog. By handing out free packets of Endangered Species Condoms across the U.S., complete with facts about extinction and how to stabilize the human population, the Center is hoping to spread knowledge about the impact overpopulation has on species around the world. Some of the animals" sounds are also available as downloadable ringtones.

SOURCE: Endangered Species Condoms.