Saving the Earth, One Pledge at a Time

Some Crowdsourcing Ideas We’d Like to See
With crowdfunding now in vogue, one can find all manner of projects on Kickstarter, from the ridiculous (a documentary about the pop band DEVO) to the sublime ($257,000 for window farming). There’s even an entire funding platform, ioby, dedicated to environmental projects.

How far can the trend go? Here are a few faux environmental projects that would definitely receive a pledge from me:

• The Adopt-a-Carrot Projects seeks $20 for bribes to get kids to actually eat the heirloom, organic produce grown by their parents.

• The Surrogate Cyclist Project seeks $120 for a rickshaw to take a lazy environmentalist to the office on Bike to Work Day.

• The Animal Speaking Bureau seeks $3,000 in travel expenses to send a polar bear to appear on “The Daily Show.”

• The Gotcha! Collective seeks $24,000 to put a Prius in Dick Cheney’s garage, just to mess with him.

• The Green White House Project seeks $40,000 to put Jimmy Carter’s solar panels back on the President’s roof.

• The When All Else Fails Initiative seeks $250,000 to hire a private militia to protect the Artic National Wildlife Refuge from Congress.

• The Sticky Situation Project seeks $100 million to pump the Marcellus Shale full of Gorilla Glue to thwart frackers.