Setting Standards for Big Polluters

New standards will ensure that large polluters must use available technologies to cut pollution.©

The Clean Air Act will be put to work as Lisa Jackson has finalized the first global warming pollution standards for large smokestack industries.These standards will ensure that coal-fired power plants, oil refineries, and other large polluters must use available technologies to cut pollution whenever they’re building new facilities or upgrading old ones. Responded Environment America Federal Global Warming Program Director Emily Figdor in a statement:

"Just as pollution standards for cars have spurred the auto companies to make hybrids and other cleaner cars, these standards will start to move America away from dirty, inefficient, and outdated coal plants toward more efficient, cleaner energy. Today’s action is an essential step toward a clean energy economy that creates millions of new, local jobs building wind turbines and installing solar panels, while cutting dangerous pollution.

"These common sense rules target the biggest polluters and require them to finally meet modern pollution standards. It’s long past time for coal plants and other big polluters to use available technology to cut global warming pollution.”

SOURCE: Environment America.