Sierra Club Embraces Hook-n-Bullet Greens

The Sierra club is welcoming hunters into its fold.© Getty Images

Last week the non-profit Sierra Club launched a new website,, which appeals directly to the environmental concerns of hunters and anglers. The environmental group is embracing outdoorsmen as "partners in a shared mission to protect habitat for fish and wildlife." Some 118,000 of the Sierra Club’s 600,000 person membership engages in hunting or fishing on a regular basis and are passionate about protecting wildlife habitat. The group is hoping that the new website will help connect sportsmen across state lines on a wide range of conservation and habitat protection issues.

"Sportsmen were some of the first conservationists, and have always been an important part of the Sierra Club," said Jon Schwedler, who runs Sierra Sportsmen for the Sierra Club. "It’s crucial that sportsmen and environmentalists work together more closely so we can help save the forests, plains, lakes, rivers and streams we all enjoy."

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