Simplifying Outdoor Kitchen Installs with a Kitchen Kit

Summertime is here, and everyone wants to spend their time in the great outdoors. More and more people opt to install outdoor kitchens in their homes to spend even more time outside. There is a lot to consider when planning an outdoor kitchen. For many people, the budget will limit the size and features of an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners can maximize their space by installing a kitchen kit rather than a custom-built kitchen. Keep reading for more information on outdoor kitchen kits.

Essentials of an Outdoor Kitchen Kit

Outdoor kitchens are usually composed of a grill, sink, refrigerator, and bar area. Outdoor kitchens are an extension of the home’s living space. They can transform a backyard into a spot for relaxed cooking and entertainment. Custom-built outdoor kitchens can be expensive, starting at around $10,000.

Homeowners with some basic DIY skills may want an outdoor kitchen kit. Outdoor kits are a more affordable option and have only a few simple hookups. Kits range from compact, portable, classic, inexpensive, and deluxe.

Benefits of Prefab Kits

Instead of spending hours researching and figuring out how to gather products for an outdoor kitchen, purchase a kit already designed. Everything will match and fit together perfectly. Ordering is simple and convenient.

Manufacturers ship outdoor kitchen kits in several pieces, and homeowners can usually assemble them with a few tools in one afternoon. Some brands may require a contractor for the installation, but they aren’t necessary for the whole process.

Types of Kitchen Kits

Finished outdoor kitchen islands are the least expensive option. Manufacturers make all of the design options for homeowners. Modular outdoor kitchen kits allow homeowners a bit of design choice in their kitchens. Modules match in style, and homeowners can mix and match to configure the perfect layout for their kitchen. Pre-framed “ready to finish” kits allow a great deal of customization. Homeowners choose the grill, countertop, and other appliances, and then a set of pre-framed cabinets to go with them.

Installing and Assembling Outdoor Kitchen Kits

The degree of installation and assembly varies from model to model, but typically pieces arrive flat-packed. Take inventory of what is in the boxes to ensure all components are present. Homeowners need to make a final decision about where to place the outdoor kitchen. While some brands come with locking caster wheels, it’s better to know where the island will go.

Carefully read the owner’s manual before assembling. Usually, homeowners only need a screwdriver and a few drill bits to finish the assembly. Builders will need to bolt panels together, but any additional hardware should be included with the packaging.

Once the frame is put together, homeowners need to place appliances, doors, and drawers in their respective places. Place the countertop next. Finally, if choosing an outdoor kitchen kit with a natural gas grill, make sure there is a licensed plumber who can come to make the connection to the gas. This step is not one that homeowners should do themselves. Leave this to the professionals to avoid any safety hazard and voiding of warranties.

For homeowners who want a new outdoor kitchen but don’t want to spend a lot of time and money researching how to do it, an outdoor kitchen kit may be a perfect fit. They can simply order, build, and enjoy the new outdoor life.