Cigarette Smoke Is Worse Than Plastic

There is no denial of the fact that cigarette smoke is a serious threat to our environment. Cigarette smoke and butts damage our environment greatly. Cigarette butts alone are toxic waste. They contaminate the waterways and prove to be worse than plastic waste. Studies have shown that cigarette wastes are destroying the Earth at a higher rate than plastic. Everyone is just too busy focusing on the negative effects of plastic bags and straws that the effects that cigarette smoke and wastes have on our environment go completely unnoticed.

Cigarette butts are one of the most littered items found on the planet. This little toxic waste contains many dangerous chemicals that later get infused with our wildlife, soil, and water, thus posing a serious threat to the surroundings. They can cause fire quickly and can be a reason for any big fire outbreak.  The soil becomes barren once it gets contaminated with cigarette wastes. Cigarette smoke contains toxic chemicals like carbon monoxide, tar, and hydrogen cyanide. These chemicals contribute to acid rain. Acid rain, in turn, demolishes our forests and pulls down the natural habitat of our wildlife. Acid rain falls on everything, which makes cigarette smoke even more dangerous than plastic contamination.

If a person consumes plastic somehow, in the form of packing or eating plastic contaminated food, it only affects that person, but if someone smokes a cigarette, it makes every person who is present around the smoker, a passive smoker. Plants nearby inhale the smoke contaminated oxygen too, which slows down their growth. This serves as another reason why cigarette smoke is even more dangerous than plastic. Added to this, if the smoker throws away the cigarette pot somewhere on the soil, the toxic substances get infused with the soil, thus making the vegetation on that ground impossible. The cycle goes on and is never-ending.

The manufacturing of cigarettes produces many industrial wastes that pollute the air directly. Some of these wastes travel up the atmosphere and start destroying the ozone layer. With the destruction of the ozone layer, our atmosphere becomes prone to UV radiation from the sun, which in turn contributes to further destruction. Moreover, these UV radiations are a source of cancer in humans. More and more people are now seen diagnosed with cancer as compared to the past. Cigarette smoke basically onsets a chain of processes that destroy many beneficial things around us, which makes it more harmful and threatening that the plastic.

Cigarettes are known to disturb the life cycle of fishes too. Whenever cigarette wastes get mixed with the seawater, they are ingested by the fish. Most of the wastes are not digestible at all, which means that they are going to stay inside the stomach of the fish for a long time. This reduces their stomach capacity and disturbs their normal living habits. Many fishes have been known to die because of ingesting cigarette wastes. These toxic substances pose a serious hazard to their life cycle, and if their use is not controlled timely, they could make many species of the fish extinct. Moreover, cigarette filters are made up of plastic. The kind of plastic used there only degrades under certain conditions, which makes the cigarettes even more harmful to the environment than the normal plastic.

Cigarette sales have declined greatly over the past couple of years as restrictions are being placed on the cigarette manufacturing companies. WHO has created awareness among many countries about the deadly effects that cigarette smoke and waste could possibly have on the environment, which has pushed the government of many countries to take strict actions against the cigarette companies. Cigarette sales have also declined because of the new smoking techniques introduced into the market. New vaping products have been introduced over the past couple of years, which are exciting to smoke. The purchase of vapes has shown a rise in the market. Vapes are available in different sizes and shapes, with exciting flavors, which makes them even more in demand. They can be found almost everywhere.