Spring Cleaning Goes Green

Join a green cleaning party this week.© organiccomfortzone.com

During the week of May 17, people across the country are hosting Green Cleaning parties where they"ll teach their friends and family how to mix their own safe and effective surface cleaners, laundry detergents and more. They"ll save money and they"ll know exactly what they’re spraying, wiping, and sponging.

While they’re at it, party-goers will be sending a message to cleaning product companies who are refusing to tell consumers the chemical ingredients in their products: until companies come clean about what’s in their products.

The effort is being organized by Earthjustice and Women’s Voices for the Earth—two groups that have sued cleaning product companies for refusing to follow a right-to-know law requiring them to disclose the chemical ingredients in their products and the health risks they pose.

If you want to host your own green cleaning party go here: Earth Justice: Host a Green Cleaning Party!

To swap recipes, learn more and take action: Earth Justice: Work Campaigns