Stick Welding Vs MIG Welding – When To Use Them

MIG welding. Credit:Jason Gessner, FlickrCC

Welding involves the process through which you burn metal to their melting point and stick them together. It is an intricate activity that requires patience and skill. You need to take your time, practice, and understand the different techniques and types of welding for you to do it in the right way. There are various types of welding that you can use in different circumstances and with different materials. These include Electron Beam, Laser, Friction, Arc, resistance and stick welding as well as MIG (Metal Inert Gas) among others. MIG and stick welding are the most common. So, when should you use a stick or MIG welding?

Using Stick Welding

Stick welding is one the simplest and most common method of the welding techniques. Anyone can become a good stick welder with consistent practice. This welding involves using a metal stick that you charge up to a high temperature arc. Electric current flows from the welding stick to the metal to create a metal joint. Here is when to use stick welding;

Ø  Stick welding is ideal for do-it-yourself activities at home for joining small parts.

Ø   It is also good for electricians for joining most metal allows.

Ø   It is suitable both indoors and outdoors welding and for welding between tight spaces

Ø  Can be used on rusty or dusty metals

Ø  You can use stick welding on metals with paint or corrosion

Ø  Used to join thick metals.

MIG is another method of welding. It is also known as gas metal arc welding. In this type of welding, you join two metals together using an arc. The arc is created between the two joining surfaces and filled with filler electrodes. MIG makes use of direct Current Positive Electrode (DCEP). The entire process involves a parent, filler and weld metal. The parent metal is the one that is to be joined to another, the filler is the element added in between the parent metal to join them together while the weld metal is the one melted during weld formation. You have to use a welding gun in the entire process.  So, when should you use MIG welding?

Ø  MIG can be used to join together any metal. These metals include carbon steel, aluminium, and stainless steel.

Ø  MIG is a common welding method in the automotive industry. Mechanics prefer it for all types of automotive repairs. It is cost-efficient and easy to use. It provides strong welds necessary for motor vehicles.

Ø  MIG is also common in pipe welds. Pipes need to be tightly sealed to avoid leakages. MIG provides such kind of floorless and sturdy welds appropriate for all kinds of pipes.

Ø  MIG is also appropriate for sheet metal welding.

Ø  You can join material with different thicknesses.

Ø  Can be used in a home environment as it emits less welding fumes.

Ø  It is suitable for beginners as it requires less skill and expertise as compared to other types of welding.