7 Smart Storage Solutions For Your Home Office

For many of us, working at home has become the so-called ‘new normal’. No longer are we required to attend our offices, nor will we be for the foreseeable future. The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered most of us housebound, and because of this, we are resigned to turning our dining-rooms and spare bedrooms into home offices. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the room to turn our spare rooms into home offices, and therefore must be smart about how we store things. This page will offer you seven smart storage solutions for your home office.

It is important to add that when you are working from home, to cultivate an appropriate working environment. Your family and friends will want to disturb you, so it is important to stress to them the fact that you are not just idling around the house, and rather are working. If necessary, set up do not disturb signs around your designated office area. You must also ensure you have an appropriate working space, lest you do not concentrate. Working at home for many is simply perching on the edge of a stool, with paperwork strewn all over our dinner table. You must invest in a desk, chair, and proper equipment. It is crucial to the quality of the work that you produce that you create an environment that is conducive to hard work.

Here are seven smart storage solutions for your home office that you may not have thought of before.

Portable Cabinets

Portable storage cabinets are a very easy way to store things in your home office. The cabinets offered by the furniture professionals of marvable.com/office-furniture/storage-pedestals-cabinets are an example of what could be used to great benefit in your home. You can find these cabinets at most home supply stores and they can prove to be a great asset in storing your work-related documents at home. When you are at home, it is crucial that you store your paperwork safely. This is why portable locker cabinets are wonderful, for you are able to lock them away safely at night in a closet or cupboard and prevent anybody from touching them or interfering with your work. You may have pets or children in your home, both of whom can pose a risk to your work if you leave it lying around. By investing in a locker cabinet you will ensure that your work is safe twenty-four-seven.


Repurposing utensils and old furniture is an awesome and ingenious way to create home storage on a budget. Home storage does not need to cost lots of money, nor do you even need to buy anything! You can repurpose your old furniture and pieces of storage equipment so that they can be used to store your paperwork. This can also give your office a cool, chic aesthetic. Just about anything can be repurposed, providing you have the arts and crafts knowledge to do so. It can be a great project to embark on with your children and a great way to design your home office.

Storage Boxes

Your office does not need to look high-tech for it to be professional. You can use vintage storage boxes to store your paperwork in for a farmhouse, rustic feel. Many homes nowadays are designed to appear rustic and if that is the overall theme of your home, then using vintage wooden boxes is a great idea. You can use old wine crates or milk trays for maximum effect. A rustic aesthetic is easily achieved and very cool. Not only do they look cool, but they are also practical and efficient.

Wall Units

If you do not have a lot of floor space in your home office, then a wall unit is potentially the solution. When you have no room below, build up! Wall units are very effective and can give you a lot more freedom to move around in your office, and a lot more room for other pieces of furniture. Wall units are easily installed and can be made from scratch, providing you have the knowledge to do so. Wall units are awesome solutions to a lack of space and something you should seriously consider using in your home office. You can put your wall units above your desk, thereby creating more room around your office for other pieces of storage equipment.


A pegboard, similarly to a wall unit, is a great storage solution, albeit for paperwork. You can pin paperwork into a pegboard, thereby meaning you create more room in your filing cabinet and require less space in the drawers you are using to store your paperwork. Pegboards can be put up all around the room and do not require a lot of space to do so. A pegboard is an awesome space-creating solution that can make your home office much more comfortable and convenient.

Garden Centre

You can pick up many outdoor storage solutions for a very low price from your local garden center. If you are looking for office equipment on a budget, then you should consider buying some outdoor stuff (for indoors!). Garden center storage is often made of wire-mesh and is made to be hung from the walls of your garden. You can find some great pieces of storage equipment in garden centers and should definitely consider checking your local gardening center out when you’re shopping for office gear.

Cork Wall

If you want a real DIY project, then paneling in a cork wall could be the thing for you. A cork wall is as it sounds, a wall of cork. You can pin your paperwork and photographs into the wall and also stick up important reminders. This can mean you do not need other storage solutions and can simply just stick everything that you need to know onto the wall. A cork wall will not cost that much money, and when it has been put up, will be an awesome storage solution.

Now you know seven unique storage solutions for your home office. Working at home should mean working comfortably, and by adhering to the suggestions made by this guide, your home office will be both relaxing and efficient.