5 Summer Gardening Ideas to Keep Your Yard Alive

summer gardening

It’s that time of year again!

With summer in the air, you may want to begin spending more time in your garden. Unfortunately, the summer heat can sometimes scorch your garden and suck the life out of it.

There are ways to prevent this from happening and easy ways to make your garden the most beautiful and lush space in your yard. Check out these five summer gardening tips to keep your garden beautiful.

1. Know What Plants are in Season

One of the biggest reasons why your summer garden can wilt away is because some plants cannot tolerate certain temperatures and conditions.

For your garden to promote growth, decide what plants you want and if they are in season. This way, your garden can grow beautiful and have plants, vegetables, or fruit that are perfect in the summertime.

For example, some plants that are in season during the summertime include apples, blueberries, poppies, and hummingbird flowers.

2. Out with the Old

If your garden still has last seasons crops in it, it may be time to dig up the older plants in light of the new season. It’s an excellent way to purge your garden space and promote new growth through your new crops.

3. Use Water Efficiently

Some plants are more absorbent than others, and this also goes for the mulch they are planted into. Depending on your specific plant, there may be a better way to use your water more efficiently.

Some gardeners prefer to water plants in the evening, others in the morning. The consensus is that in the summertime, it may be optimal to water your plants in the morning or evening, alongside your sprinklers, to promote better hydration.

This way, the water goes directly into the plant and is supported by the sprinklers and cooler air in the morning and evening. When it is too hot, or if there is not enough moisture in the air, the water can evaporate.

Using water efficiently can help you treat your plants well, and also make sure you are not wasting water.

4. Summer Gardening: Stay Cool

Though it can be more difficult, it is essential to keep your garden at a comfortable temperature in the summertime.

If you are can find a shady spot to place your plants, that can be optimal for their longevity and well being. There can be a 25-degree difference between a sunny and shady spot.

This means that, if the outside temperature is ripping hot in the 100s, your garden can stay at a warm, comfortable 75-80 degrees. Some ways you can promote shady spots is to add trees to your space, even pools or bodies of water can help cool down your plants.

5. Spruce Up Your Garden

Sometimes, excess heat can make your plants look haggard and lifeless.

Feel free to give your plants a trim, and sprucing up your garden can help promote new growth and also make your garden space look more neat and tidy.

Have a Happy Harvest

With these tips, you will have a happy summer gardening experience with beautiful plants, herbs, vegetables, or fruit. For more information regarding the environment, check out our website.