Sustainability In Your Fitness Routine

Photo by Lāsma Artmane on UnsplashIf you are making a list of your New Year’s decisions, why not choose to upgrade your fitness routine? By working out in a sustainable way, you will be able to stay fit and boost your health, as well as make a significant step towards protecting our planet. If you wish to go green with your exercise regime, here are some ways you can bring sustainability into your routine.

Become a yogi 

Surely, yoga helps you to ground yourself and connect with the environment around you, but it also might help you find a deeper appreciation for it and realize why sustainability is so important. In addition, this discipline doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Since you will just need a mat, maybe an elastic band and no electricity, you will be able to reduce your environmental impact during your workout. If you don’t know which yoga mat will suit your needs, you can find useful reviews here.

Workout at home

Let’s be honest, everything you can do at the gym you can do at home, it is just a matter of will power. Therefore, invest in a couple of small weights and other equipment that doesn’t require electricity and you will be able to work out at home and avoid driving to the fitness center. With some YouTube tutorials or DVDs, you can easily keep a small environmental footprint.

Use your legs

Do you really need a treadmill for running? Just go outside and walk, run or hike and you will be able to stay fit without having to waste electricity on machines. If these activities are not fast-paced enough for you, get a bike (a real one, not the electric kind!). You can use it to run your errands, go to work, go shopping as well as stay fit. This way you can avoid driving your car as much as possible and help reduce air pollution. Another benefit of cycling is that you will get to enjoy the beautiful sites around you. Instead of sitting in traffic every day, you will be able to find a different, bike-friendly route and not have to sit behind other cars. 

Go swimming

Another great activity that doesn’t burn any resources and helps you stay in shape is swimming. Just by spending time in the water and not even doing laps you can burn hundreds of calories. Therefore, go to your local pool and get a full-body workout. On the other hand, if you live close to the sea, a lake or a river you can engage in other water sports such as surfing, paddle boarding, or kayaking. These will help you get a fuller workout since they require a lot of balancing and core strength.

Choose your equipment wisely

If you don’t want to leave your current gym, you can use machines that do not waste a lot of electricity, such as weight-intensive ones. In case you are not loyal to your fitness center, look for one that values sustainability and invests in equipment that is eco-friendly, such as bikes that generate electricity instead of using it.

Eat sustainable foods

To work out, you need to fuel your body properly. Opt for sustainable options, such as organic energy bars, fresh fruit, and juices. In order to cut down on environmental waste, visit your local farmer’s market and buy locally grown produce. Your body, as well as the environment, will thank you. 

Benefit those in need

If you wish to incorporate sustainability into your fitness routine, make sure that your regime benefits those in need. It is much easier than it sounds. Simply sign up for a running event that supports green organizations that are committed to making a difference for local communities.

With all these options, incorporating sustainability into your exercise routines is a piece of cake.