6 Sustainability Startups Making a Splash Impossible Foods, Ecovative Design, Firefly, Nootrees, Peel Pioneers & Full Harvest Blaze New Green Trails

Unlike boomers who came of age in the excess of the ’80s, today’s millennial generation gravitates toward companies which do more than offer a competitive salary and benefits package. Those businesses whose very mission statement includes environmental sustainability attract the best talent, as top performers recognize the importance of protecting the planet.

Job seekers concerned about the impact humans have on climate change have a host of businesses which vibe on the same wavelength when it comes to protecting the planet. Startups do well to include environmental sustainability as part of their corporate mission statement, as it sets them up for more success in the current culture from the get-go. Those unsure on how to do this most effectively can look to other companies who have already made eco-friendliness a part of their vision. We’ve listed a few star examples below!

1. Impossible Foods

Many people today have cut meat from their diet. Some reserve meat for special occasions, while others strictly refuse to consume certain foods that contain animal parts.

Enter Impossible Foods. While vegan burgers have long existed, many of them contained all the juiciness of cardboard. Impossible Foods uses heme, an iron molecule found in blood, to make their meats taste identical to their cow counterparts. The molecule is lab-generated, not produced by animals. Recently, fast food giant Burger King launched a new vegan Whopper containing Impossible Foods burger patties, and many food critics have given this burger high ratings in overall taste and texture.

2. Ecovative Design

Another startup beloved by vegans, Ecovative Design, says their mission is to reduce plastic waste. Given the enormous amounts of discarded plastics that make up huge garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean, killing multiple aquatic animals, any effort to reduce plastic use benefits the planet.

Their innovative MycoComposite uses mushrooms, not plastic, to design soles for tennis shoes. Additionally, MycoComposite can package anything from breakable crystal to furniture. Since the packaging comes from mushrooms, the substances quickly biodegrade once discarded.

3. Firefly

Another startup, Firefly, has been showcasing its socially-conscious roots by sharing street-by-street and minute-by-minute updates on air quality for the cities it has been beta-tested in. Their technology also regularly collects important information on city air quality to help inform local governments on how to make more informed decisions on various environmental issues.

4. Nootrees

sustainability start-upsFew people think about all the toilet tissues Americans flush down the pot every day. Traditional toilet paper uses pulp from trees, leading to deforestation. Bamboo, which grows far faster than trees, serves as the basis of Nootrees line of toilet tissue and other products. Bamboo products also biodegrade quickly, and their line of baby wipes proves far kinder to septic systems than traditional chemical-laden versions.

5. Peel Pioneers

PeelPioneers re-purposes discarded citrus peels for various uses. Those who love the smell of oranges in the morning will adore their line of essential oils. The company also grinds the discarded peels to get zest for chefs everywhere. Finally, they turn the remains into cattle feed. Who knew a simple orange peel could do so much?

6. Full Harvest

Nearly 20 billion pounds of perfectly edible food goes wasted in the U.S. each year, and Food Harvest seeks to sell excess products discarded from grocery stores because they appeared non-compliant. They then seek to sell this produce at a discount to prevent it from going to waste. It’s like a true overstock site, only for fruits and veggies!

Supporting Sustainable Businesses

Those businesses which keep the environment at the forefront tend to be run by folks more awake to social issues than others, creating a more positive work atmosphere. Best of all, whether you apply for a job or become a consumer, patronizing organizations such as the ones listed above earn you a gold star for environmental consciousness.