Sustainable Pest Control Practices For Your Home

Pest control is an important topic for homeowners all across the country because pests seem to be a universal issue. Whether it’s ants, cockroaches, or mice, most of us have dealt with some sort of unwanted pest on our property at some point or another in our lives. And then, we’ve naturally wondered how we could get rid of them, and what the best options for that would be. Nowadays, we also wonder what the most sustainable pest control options are.

So what are some eco-friendly pest control practices you could implement in your home?

1.   Plant some natural pest deterrents in your garden.

One of the easiest ways to keep pests away from your property is to find things that they don’t like and use them. Now, a lot of people assume this to mean using poison, or other such devices. We could tell you a lot about why rodent poison shouldn’t be used, or how it’s inhumane and largely inefficient.

But why not give you a better idea instead? See, instead of using harmful chemicals that you yourself might not want around, try to look for healthy alternatives. A lot of pests and smaller wildlife such as rats or mice have an aversion towards the smell of garlic, mint, basil, lemongrass, and other strong scented plants. So simply planting these in your garden can be an important step in deterring pests from approaching and a better alternative to using harmful poisons. Learn more about rodent poison by visiting

2.   Use vinegar to your advantage.

As we all know, vinegar has that overly pungent and very strong taste and smell that bothers even some humans and most definitely bothers pests. On top of that, vinegar is a highly efficient cleaning agent, which is why cleaning your home with vinegar-based solutions might be ideal. For one thing, it clears up dirt and protects your furniture and home, and for another, it deters pests from visiting.

3.   Ask for professional help.

If you find yourself constantly having pest issues, no matter what you do, then it might be time to find an expert on mouse control, or really, any other type of pest that might bother you.

When we think about pest control services, we tend to focus on the removal aspect of their job, often forgetting that they can also help us with prevention. Such an expert, like those at Quality Pest & Wildlife LLC, can figure out what you’re doing wrong, and advise you on avoiding mouse or pest invasions in the future!

4.   Keep the garden clean.

Often, pests come to your backyard because of fallen or overripe produce hanging about the place. Now, first of all, that’s wasteful, and so a bad idea for your household, in general. Second, it encourages all types of pests and animals to visit your home, so that’s another way in which it’s bad. By regularly picking up and consuming extra produce from your garden, you’re practicing both sustainable living, and discouraging pests from coming to your home. What’s there not to like?

Remember, pest control doesn’t have to mean nasty chemicals or vicious traps! It just requires a little bit of thinking!