Sustainable Portland

Public transportation is a big part of Portland"s green appeal.

If you"re into living green, Portland, Oregon is your city. The rose city retained its dominance atop website SustainLane"s bi-annual "green city" rankings, released this past week. SustainLane, a website and online community which describes itself as "the web’s largest people-powered guide to sustainable living," assesses the most populous 50 cities in the U.S. every other year to get a read on which are the most—and least—sustainable places to live.

No one was surprised that Portland topped the list once again, given what SustainLane calls the city"s "visionary" implementation of strict land use policies, an urban growth boundary, density requirements, and encouragement of sustainable development. San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago each retained their respective #2, #3 and #4 spots from 2006 this time around, while a greener New York City replaced Oakland as #5. Boston, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and Baltimore rounded out the top ten. At the other end of the list, Mesa, Arizona got the dubious distinction of finishing last, while Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Las Vegas, and Memphis helped bring up the rear as the least green major U.S. cities.To find out where your city ranks, and to learn more about the methodology behind the rankings, check out

Source: Sustain Lane