Taming & Transforming Plastic Waste

Check out two new titles on dealing with our plastics problem from environmentalist and ecovillage visionary Albert Bates in Groundswell Books’ “Planetary Solutions” series…

Taming Plastic

Plastic seems like a miraculous invention. You can make it into any shape, color or size, and it can be flexible or sturdy. Plastic also lasts forever―and that’s a big problem. It’s estimated that by 2050 there’ll be more pounds of plastic in our oceans than pounds of fish. Recycling programs are growing faster than the collected plastic can be processed, and not all plastic can be recycled. Learn about the creative solutions that visionary people across the planet are using to curb plastic waste in Albert Bates’ new book Taming Plastic: Stop the Pollution. Become an Emergency Planetary Technician and find out what you can do every day to tame plastic.

Transforming Plastic: From Pollution to Evolution

As a culture, we are addicted to plastic, and in today’s plastic-laden world, it is impossible to completely avoid it. Permaculturist Albert Bates addresses the magnitude and consequences of this global problem, and his evaluation is chilling to read. Trying to limit our plastic legacy can help us overcome our apathy toward this overwhelming issue, but Bates states that placing the burden entirely on consumers, as most current solutions do, is unfair.

He emphasizes that the only way to stem the present onslaught is to enforce mandatory economic and industrial changes so that recycled, bio-sourced, and biodegradable plastic become more cost-effective than plastic made from fossil fuels. Bates also explores current worldwide efforts for stronger regulations and better waste management, along with exciting new biological and man-made technologies for improved plastics disposal and viable alternatives.

Join with Bates as an EPT (emergency planetary technician) who helps to stabilize the “planet,” understanding what is at stake and knowing that there is a promise of hope if we take action now.