How Green Is That…Electronics Recycler?

So you’ve bought a new TV, iPhone, tablet or other device and are giddy with technological glee. But what happens to the old model? E-waste is just 1-2% of the municipal solid waste stream according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, but our collective appetite for new gadgets means it’s a growing problem, particularly because those obsolete electronics contain toxic heavy metals like mercury and lead. Not all recycling programs are created equal. Here are three green options that reward you for your efforts.

Best Buy

Best Buy will take nearly any electronic device for recycling, with store credit offered for trade-ins with value. All products are recycled responsibly and third-party verified.


Search for your device and sell or recycle it and receive payment via PayPal. YouRenew has partnered with Recyclebank so customers can earn additional points for green actions, and it’s R2 certified—meaning its electronics are handled responsibly. The company also makes matching donations to

Office Depot

Ask for a Tech Recycling Box ($5-$15 depending on size), fill it with as much obsolete equipment as will fit and bring the box, unsealed, to Office Depot where it will be responsibly recycled at a nearby facility.