Teresa Heinz Kerry Lambastes Bush Environmental Policies

As the 2004 campaign heats up, Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, is becoming overtly critical of the Bush administration’s environmental policies.

According to Heinz Kerry, the Bush administration is working to undo air and water protections initially championed by her first husband, the late Senator John Heinz, back in 1990. In a series of recent speeches, Heinz Kerry has lamented recent Bush rollbacks on clean air and water policy as “a sin against humankind.”

Heinz Kerry plans to continue to oversee charitable giving campaigns on behalf of the environment whether or not her current husband ascends to the presidency next year. While she has deflected suggestions that she take an active role in the Kerry administration, she has intimated that she would continue to advise her husband on environmental issues from behind the scenes.

Heinz Kerry is a self-proclaimed lifelong environmentalist. The Heinz family foundations she oversees have given more than $200 million over the last 13 years to various environmental causes. Additionally, Heinz Kerry is currently on leave from the board of one of the nation’s largest environmental nonprofits, Environmental Defense.

Source: http://www.boston.com/news/politics/president/kerry/articles/2004/05/24/heinz_kerry_has_an_ecology_agenda