The Best Face Paint Ideas For Halloween

Whether it is a tiger, a spider, a leopard or bear, let your imagination go wild and take fun to the next level with just a few Halloween face paint ideas and a few colors. Face painting is a great way to release that inner spirit while expressing art and is also a little bit of fun both in kids and adults alike. With the draw of a brush and a clash of brightness and flair, a beautiful princess can quickly be revealed as a fairytale queen. Face painting can also help your grandma and grandpa to revisit their youth and throw their actual age to the wind while holding their grandchild’s hand and enjoy trick or treating as their favorite cartoon character.

 Halloween – A Season for Face Painting

Halloween is one of those events that call for face painting. As October draws to a close, celebrants turn their attention to the version of character they will be using for their Halloween face masks. Artists with their brushes, colors and trade skills collect their ideas and transfer them onto the canvas of waiting faces. Close your eyes, lift your chin and feel the brush on your face. The artist could be either a pro or perhaps an amateur who did some homework. Either way, your Halloween mask is well on the way to completion.


For the adventurous types a fire breathing dragon with a matching costume will certainly do  the trick. This may carry you over the top as the talk of the town during Halloween. Orange and yellow flames around the lips with glaring red eyes seated between deep green scales that fade into black are just the look to hold the top of the castle.


A roar or a purr; you choose. The line of cat-like creatures to choose from is so vast that a team could show up with each one looking like their own special feline: a lion for the strong-minded, a tiger for a leader and a little kitten for the one who is just feeling cute.

Comic Heroes

Comic heroes are always in season and their fans come from all walks of life and age groups too!  Comic heroes are a big hit especially these days with both DC and Marvel seeing to that with their blockbuster hits. Face painters can choose from a vast amount of options available from Thor to Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel to The Flash. And getting there is sometimes quite easy. Take the Hulk for example: all it takes is a lot of green and matching imagination to transform you into this powerful comic superhero. Colors may vary but the desired joy of a clash of colors will all be seen even through the smiles of the mere mortal like Bruce Wayne in his bat suit.  


One of the oldest face painting images is the clown face. Though some of us carry out their own big smile, a splash of paint and the streak of brushes stretches them wider to that of a clown’s. Pick the colors you want and be the hit of the party or go for the scary clown once you’ve put “IT” on.


Bones can be fun once painted on well. Skeletons can also be “funny bones” to an artist with the right brush and color scheme. You can do anything you want even If you want one eye to remain or simply take it out and replace it with nothing but a hollow shell.

Face painting is a great way to make your Halloween celebrations more exciting and impressive. Additionally, the great thing about the many face painting ideas at your fingertips is that you are free to try them out before the big spooky day to ensure that you’ve found the right fit.