The Best Gift In Malaysia

Whether you want to bring a souvenir back for your friends and family or you simply want something that will remind you of your trip to Malaysia, there are plenty of options to choose from. From malls to art boutiques and local shops along the boulevard, these are some of the places you would find amazing gifts, trinkets, and keepsakes. When buying a gift, you would want to get something that is unique to Malaysia. That said, below are a few options to consider.

Pewter goods

Pewter products are so common in Malaysia. These products are usually made of 80-90% tin, 5-10% antimony, 2-5% copper, bismuth, and occasionally silver. The best part is that you get different pewter products to choose from, including wine accessories, tableware, drinkware, home decorations, and jewelry. This would be a perfect gift for someone who loves silverware or jewelry.


The Malaysian Batik fabric is an incredibly unique gift that has different uses. This is silk fabric that is usually hand-painted and decorated with popping colors. The paint is made using natural flower and leaf colors as well as beeswax. It doesn’t have to be a simple piece of Batik silk that gets painted, designs could also include bags and purses, fashionable scarves, blouses, shawls, and other hair accessories.

Hand-woven crafts

These are crafts made of rattan, coconut shells, pandan leaves, and bamboo, made of different designs, shapes, colors, and sizes. They are very lightweight and unique, perfect gifts for women. You could choose between place-mats, woven hats, or woven handbags, etc. They are not as costly, as you will get most of these small items and cute handbags for as low as $2.


You can never go wrong by bringing back treats to your loved ones. Dodol is one of the most common sweets in Malaysia and one of the favorites for a lot of tourists. These are simply unique, sticky-soft toffees that have a dark color. These sweets come in two flavors, Pandang and durian. Durian looks similar to jackfruit and is a tropical fruit popular in Southeast Asia while Pandang is a type of leaf with a pleasant smell.


This is an extravagant piece of fabric with remarkable symmetric patterns that are created by gold threads and interwoven silk. The Songket fabric simply intertwines the Asian culture as it is derived from the trade between Malaysia, India, and China. If you would want to revamp your home or perhaps have a crafty friend or family, then this would be a great go-to gift. You could hang your Songket fabric on the wall or choose from a handbag, tablecloth, or dress.

Wrap Up

Finding the right gift doesn’t have to be as hard as rocket science. If you are gifting someone that you know well then you probably understand their taste and preferences. Even better, set aside a budget and you will have an easier time finding something. You can check out hadiah and select an item or more that you might be interested in. Don’t shy from scouring different streets while in Malaysia, you never know what you might come by.