The Choice of a Green Generation?

PepsiCo purchases renewable power.© Getty Images

PepsiCo made history last week when it announced it would become the nation’s largest corporate purchaser of green power. The company will work with Sterling Planet, a renewable energy provider, to find and buy the certificates to account for the electricity used for all of its U.S.-based manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, regional offices and headquarters.

The announcement came as a surprise to environmentalists and industry analysts alike, given that the company had never purchased green power in the past. The new commitment vaults PepsiCo into first place in the race to buy green power, ahead of previous leaders Wells Fargo and Whole Foods. The company will also join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership, an alliance of more than 700 partner organizations that voluntarily purchase green power to mitigate the environmental impact of traditional electricity generation and to promote the development of new green power resources nationwide.

"America is shifting to a "green culture," with more and more businesses understanding that environmental responsibility is everyone’s responsibility," says EPA head Stephen Johnson. "By switching to alternative, renewable power sources, PepsiCo is proving that going green can be the choice of every generation."

Source: EPA/Yosemite