The Smoking Gun

Warning! The Surgeon General has determined that passive smoke is hazardous to your health!

Despite the cigarette dangling from her fingers as she took a smoking break outside a Norwalk, Connecticut clothing shop, Cindy Habighorst is no campaigner for smoker’s rights. “It’s a sticky habit,” she said. “There should be designated areas for smokers, and the workplace should be kept smoke free. There’s no smoking inside my store. I think you should pick a place if you choose to smoke, but don’t let it affect other people.”

Delivery driver Allen Lea from 70 miles away in Hartford, Connecticut doesn’t smoke, but he’s nonetheless wary of losing his personal freedom. “It’s the Gestapo government!” he said, gesticulating wildy. “Don’t go telling people what to do. The government cant prove anything about passive smoking—they’re full of political crap. My wife is a smoker and I don;t have lung cancer so don’t even tell me about it!”

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