The Top 3 Foods To Try While Visiting The Netherlands

Credit: crash71100, FlickrCCThe Netherlands is one of the unique places in the world that you can run out of options when it comes to cuisines. The dishes are exceptional and rich in nutrients. To absolve your confusion, here is an illustration of various Dutch meals and their components. At least when you order any of them, you will have a glimpse of what to expect:

Sweets and Fries

Dutch combinations of meals include sweets and cookies that deserve your taste buds. Some of them are baked. Some are fried. These sweets include the following:

  •                     Oliebollen – Oliebollen means oil balls. Do not get it twisted. They are just fried balls of dough. If you visit the Netherlands during Christmas and New Year season, you will probably see more of this in the restaurants or celebration points.
  •                     Stroopwafels – The term ‘stroop’ means syrup in Dutch. Stroopwafels are syrup sandwiches put between two waffles. These sweets are all over the grocery stores in Amsterdam or on the streets. Grab one and enjoy.

Sweets are part of Dutch food that makes them unique. It is almost impossible to find them anywhere else. Do not miss the opportunity of tasting them whenever you visit the Netherlands.

Savory Foods

The Netherlands is renowned for its rich culture and cuisines. Savory meals are some of their dishes that you do not want to miss. Check them out here:

  •                     Kaas – Have you ever heard of the Dutch cheese? Well, here it is. It is prepared by one of the most nutritious components: the Dutch white goat milk. It is almost everywhere in the Netherlands. So, ensure you have a taste of it.
  •                     Borecole – If you want to taste a bit of junk food, here is the best option. Borecole is a Dutch mashed potato. It is usually mixed with sausages and served with fresh kales. Borecole can make your perfect breakfast dish
  •                     Kibbeling – Kibbeling is the one fish butter fry you have heard of before. It is deep-fried morsels of any fish that is battered. They usually serve it with slices of lemon and mayonnaise herb sauce. Sweet, right? Try it out.

Traditional Foods

Since the Netherlands is the land of rich culture, you expect to have traditional food. They include:

  •                     Bitterballen – This is an everyday snack in the Netherlands. The Dutch eat it in the evenings at parties or in bars. It is a deep-fried meat stew ball with a crust. Did you know it was the Dutch snack that was selected as the cultural heritage food in 2020? Well, this is more reason to taste it.
  •                     Stamppot – Well, here is the most common dish in the Netherlands. Anyone who visits the place has to taste it. It is simple but delicious. Stamppot is mashed potatoes mixed with one or more vegetables. If you get to the Netherlands in winter, you will have to meet it anywhere. The combination of vegetables proves it is healthy. If mixed with other ingredients like meat, you will have a balanced diet on one plate.