The Top 4 Types Of Skateboards On The Market

Skating is an exciting and popular outdoor sport. With the right skateboard for a particular surface, you will enjoy skating. Knowing the different types of skateboards makes it easier to identify the most appropriate one. Skateboards are classified as long and short skateboards, but there are other various types under each category. We will review the top 4 types of skateboards within these two categories. Whichever you opt for, below are some factors to consider.

 What to consider when selecting a skateboard

  • The skater deck features. Here the factors to consider are; duo directional shape, cross-laminate, and tapering. These features govern the directions when skating.
  • Review various brands to compare the features and also to identify your preferences
  • Check for high-strength axle trucks. 
  • Bearings that cause minimal friction; hence less energy will be lost.
  • Riding style. If your style is tricks and adventure, a short skateboard will be ideal. For long-distance skating or street carving, opt for a long skateboard.
  • Wheels. They differ in diameters and hardness rating. Your choice of a skateboard will depend on the skating surface. Skating boards for different ground surfaces have different types of wheels.
  • Graphic design. There are options to customize the skateboard using waterproof paint, decals, or stickers. But different brands have a variety of beautiful skateboards available.

 The top 4 types of skateboards

 Skateboards may be manual or electrical. There are 4 broad categories of skateboards as per the details below:

  1. Longboard skateboard

 These are ideal for maneuverability, especially on rough surfaces, and as a mode of transport from one location to the other. If you love cruising, they are the best for that too. They are fast, and one can take fast swoops. They are also ideal for beginners as they are more stable than other types of skateboards. You may choose from the pintail, twin tip, downhill, or classic longboard.

  1. Double kick skateboards

 These are the best for rough terrain and parks. They are also ideal for grinding, but you can’t skate too fast or for long distances on these types of skateboards. Skaters who prefer performing tricks opt for this type of skateboard because of the kicks at both ends. 

  1. Carve board

 Surfers prefer the carve skateboards as they can tilt, change directions, and pivot trucks easily. That makes surfing more fun and exciting. Skaters also enjoy pumping effortlessly and generating higher speeds as desired. They are not ideal for skating beginners and those who prefer flips and tricks. They should opt for the double kickboard instead.

  1. Cruiser boards

 Depending on your skateboarding style, you may opt for the long cruiser or mini cruisers. The main advantage of such boards is their capability to perform flips, tricks, take turns, and carves. If you are adventurous, this would be an ideal skateboard for you.

 Remember to choose a skater depending on your skating style, convenience, and budget. Knowing the different types of skating boards can make it easier to select the best. The above tips and reviews on various skateboard options available online will also help you identify the best skating board.