The Woodstock Landfill?

In years to come, when 350,000 Generation X alumni return to the site of Woodstock ‘94, what will they find? A county landfill? A performing arts center? Maybe both says the local chief of garbage, reigniting a debate that has raged since 1990. Winston Farm, the 800-acre site of the festival is at the center of Saugerties, with historic bluestone buildings, lush forests, meadows and wetlands providing habitat for several rare plant and animal species. For a few years, the Ulster County Resourse Recovery Agency (RRA) had hoped to pick off 100 acres to build a “state-of-the-art” landfill, but then the partymaster of the Woodstock nation rode his Land Rover into the fray. In asking Saugerities for permission to use Winston Farm, Michael Lang promised to try and build a permanent performing arts center on the site if Woodstock 94 succeeded.