Things About Kayaking That Might Interest You 


Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just an occasional jolly maker outdoors, kayaking is one of the best activities you can engage in. While having fun, you benefit your health and get away from the utterly demanding schedules of every day. Kayaking is a thrilling activity that gives joy, relaxation, and stress relief. While some take it as a hobby, others go ahead and make it a sports career or earn from it through business. If you look closely, kayaking could easily be your long lost passion. Moreover, it can be a great way to make new friends and meet new people. Since it can be done by one or more persons, it is also an amazing outdoor activity to strengthen your bond with your loved ones. As if enough hasn’t been said already, here are a few things about kayaking that might interest you.

1. Kayaking is Healthy 

Health is wealth, and this fact can’t be emphasized enough. If you’re looking for outdoor activities that will help improve your health, kayaking is at the top of the list. Being a low-intensity, full-body workout, weight loss is among the benefits you can get for your health in kayaking. As you paddle against the waters, you engage various muscles in your body, including your arms, abs, shoulders, back, and even your legs. Apart from helping to tone your body, regular kayaking can help you lose a significant amount of weight. It also helps relieve stress, boosts your mental health, and improves cardiovascular health. If this is not interesting enough, we may not know what is.

2. It’s A Sport In the Olympics

Since the early 20th century, kayaking and canoeing have been among the competitive sports in the Summer Olympics. Although demonstrations began more than 10 years before, this became official back in 1936 in Berlin, Germany. This means that if you hone your skills and become a great kayaker, you can make it a career and participate in local sporting competitions up through to the Olympics.

3. Various Types of Kayaking 

The other interesting fact about kayaking is that it is a diverse water sports activity. For instance, you don’t have to lose your interest in kayaking just because you live far away from the ocean. You can take the activity to your nearest lake or river where kayaking is allowed. On this note, some of the most common types of kayaking include the following:

  • Sea Kayaking: As the name suggests, this is kayaking done on large water bodies like lakes and oceans. If it’s done for a few days non-stop, it is known as touring. However, the latter may require some experience with the sea waters to maximize your safety as you cover more distance efficiently.  
  • Recreational Kayaking: This one involves kayaking for fun and relaxation. Popular amongst holidaymakers, it is among the most common types of kayaking. Most people do it in their local lakes or slow rivers nearby. It is also ideal for beginners, children, and anyone curious about kayaking. 
  • Whitewater Kayaking: This one is common amongst experienced kayakers. It involves kayaking in rivers with whitewater, rapids, and sometimes waterfalls. If you’re a good kayaker looking for a bit of adventure, whitewater kayaking is for you. 
  • Kayak Fishing: As you can tell from the name, kayak fishing involves fishing while kayaking. It makes fishing much more fun and allows you to access fishing spots that perhaps motorboats or other water vessels can’t. It requires a high level of experience as a kayaker though. 

Apart from these, other popular types of kayaking include kayak surfing, playboating, and squirt boating. With this kind of diversity, there is something for everyone in kayaking. 

4. Different Types of Kayaks Exist 

A kayak is a watercraft used in kayaking. With the evolution of kayaking, you can expect to have different types of kayaks to choose from based on the intended use. Some common options include the following:

  • Sit on top kayak
  • Sit inside kayak
  • Sea kayak
  • SUP-kayak hybrid
  • Whitewater kayak
  • Canoe-kayak hybrid

Whether you are buying or renting, it is important to choose a kayak that will suit the purpose as well as the weather and water conditions of where and when you will be kayaking.

5. It Gets You Close To Nature

This is another apparent benefit of kayaking. The activity allows you to get closer to nature while having fun outdoors. Additionally, it can be paired with other types of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, swimming, and, of course, fishing. You also get the chance to view spectacular picturesque sceneries as you explore nature that is only accessible to the adventurous few.

6. Be With Friends and Meet New People 

Kayaking also allows you to meet new people and make new friends. Especially the competitive aspect of it, it is also a great way to strengthen ties among friends with similar interests. This is why many corporations include kayaking as in their team-building activity programs. Moreover, it is also a romantic activity! Couples around the world take up kayaking to strengthen their bond and add some spice in their relationship. Those adventures and fun moments tend to leave lasting memories in the minds of kayakers, which is a great thing as far as friendships and relationships are concerned. 

7. Beat the Heat in the Summer

It goes without saying that water sports are among the best activities for summer. When the scorching rays from the sun get the best of you, however, swimming and beach sports are not the only remedy available. You can get more adventurous and hit the waters with your kayak. Kayaking can be an amazing way to cool off and beat the summer heat while having memorable fun.  


Finally, many people kayak because it is full of fun. The paddling as you seek to cover more distance than your opponent or break your previous record can spike up your adrenaline through the roof. With the above pointers in mind, you have more than enough reasons to take up kayaking as your next new hobby.