Top 5 CBD Misconceptions

The CBD industry has skyrocketed over the past few years, in the USA, UK and all over much of the Wesyern World. Despite the fact that there is a lot of research going into the Hemp plant and Cannabinoids like CBD, providing answers that can join the abundance of anecdotal information, there is still a lot that is misunderstood about this particular supplement.  We wanted to bring you the top 5 misconceptions of CBD oil, we have been made aware of through our friends over at, check them out below. 

1. All CBD Oil Is Full Spectrum.

Simply not true. Full spectrum means it is an oil that carries the full Cannabidiol benefits of the hemp plant it is extracted from. There are 4 main types of CBD oil. Raw, Filtered, Distilled or Isolate. Only Raw Oil and Filtered, or Golden CBd Oil, are truly Full Spectrum. Raw oil has the issue that it contains all impurities like Chlorophyll and Lipids as well as all the goodness. This is something that is very often mis sold to customers who think they are buying strong full spectrum oil, only to find out it is heavily processed Isolate or Distillate in nature. 

2. CBD Oil Will Get You High

It really shouldn’t. Perhaps if there is too much THC, the Cannabinoid responsible for giving pot smokers their high, otherwise in legal CBD products, it is far too weak to be able to offer a “high”. People have been known to feel more relaxed and de-stressed due to their anxiety or stress levels calming. It has even been associated with helping induce sleep in insomniacs. I am not sure these could be classed as getting high though. Quite the opposite really.

3. CBD Oil Contains Zero THC

In the US you are legally allowed to add up to 0.3% of THC, (0.2% in the UK and European CBD markets), to products you are selling. This is deemed important to enable the “Entourage Effect” to be able to happen. At these low traces the THC cannot create the highs you will receive when it is smoked or taken in the often illicit Marajuana. 

The Entourage Effect is a process being looked at, that claims when all the Cannabinoids work together they are able to offer a greater value than when taken singularly, or not as a full grouping. There, again, is a lot of anecdotal evidence that claims far more effective results from a Full Spectrum oil, hence why many less reputable sellers will pretend CBD Isolate is Full Spectrum in nature, when it isn’t. 

4. CBD Oil Is Addictive

There is simply no evidence for this. In fact tests show the opposite. In fact there is scant evidence that THC rich Marajuana is addictive beyond people liking the feeling it gives them over feeling they physically need it. You may well be accustomed to calming effects, or pain relief found by using CBD, that, however, does not make it addictive. 

5. Eating CBD Products Is The Best Way To Take It

Due to the increase in edible products to markets all over the world there seems to be a belief that eating CBD products are the best way to get Cannabidiol or CBD into your system. This is wrong. Outside of specifically designed slow release capsules, most edible products will actually have a low bio absorption and lose a lot, (not all of course), of the CBD through the digestive process. Getting the oil to enter the body sublingually, (via tincture pipette under the tongue), still offers the best bio absorption and CBD retention for consumers, with products currently on the market. 

So What Did YouThink?

Undoubtedly there are many dozens of other misconceptions we could have written about. We chose the above 5 as they are some of the most common found by our friends, from their customers and people who contact them to ask for information.

If you can think of any other falsities or misconceptions associated with CBD or the market place then please let us know in the comments below. As the market grows for these products we will see more of the misinformation corrected and also legislation appear to protect consumers from any malpractices used to sell products incorrectly. Till then we are able to build resources like this to help remove any incorrect thinking associated with CBD Oil and the products sold that contain it.