Top Colleges for Ecology in the US

Ecology is an old venture; it has developed ever since due to increased public concern on environmental issues. Mitigation of climate change impacts and management of natural resources requires ecological knowledge. Several colleges in the United States provide environmental studies, but finding the right ecological college is what matters most.

Colorado College: it settles on the foothills of Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs. Colorado College is one of America’s best liberal arts and niche ecology colleges. It offers over 40 majors and has about 2,100 students. Some of the majors offered at Colorado college are Environmental program, Organismal Biology, and Ecology. The college trains future environmental experts by stressing on co-existence between the environment and students. At the college, you will explore the relationship between human impact and the global ecosystem. You can get skilled editors at who can help to edit and organize your dissertation.

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Pomona College: is a small private liberal arts college located in Claremont, California. The college offers a range of Bachelor’s degree courses with a population of about 1,700 students. It is committed to preparing students in interdisciplinary programs of environmental analysis. Environmental programs prepare students for opportunities in community action, environmental education, and urban agriculture. The students to take up opportunities in the most formidable challenges facing the world, such as climate change and population growth after completing their studies.

The University of Michigan: is the state’s oldest public higher education institution located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The university has a population size of 28,000 students. It is one of the most active research centres in the states, being outstanding in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. It offers majors in biology, botany, and Earth and Environmental sciences. Also, the university offers minors like Climate and Climate Change.

The University of Washington: is one of the oldest universities in the states which were founded in 1861. It is a large university that offers both majors and minors. It has an acceptance rate of 26% and a student population of about 46,000. Students who cannot keep up with their own assignments hire professional college essay writers to write their essays. The university is dedicated to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards program and development of a Climate Action Team to lead the university in ecological sustainability efforts. The University of Washington offers programs in Environmental Sciences, Resource Management, Oceanography, and Aquatic and Fishery sciences.

Amherst College: is a private co-educational liberal arts school located in a rural setting of Amherst, Massachusetts with an acceptance rate of 14 per cent. At Amherst College, you’ll do six core courses. Then, you’ll choose four electives from the two main majors in Biology and Environmental Studies. Also, the college offers other minors such as courses in Invasive Species, Fisheries, and Sustainable Agriculture. The college is committed in ecological studies through acknowledgement of the complex interactions between humans and nature.

University of Minnesota: it is one of the oldest universities located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The university is ranked among the top 50 best universities in the world at position 41. The university has an annual average student population of 44,000, with an acceptance rate of 50%. The university offers an Ecology, Evolution and Behavior major; this major allows you to learn important issues about plants, animals and the entire ecosystem, (studies in agriculture and life sciences). It has an Aquatic Centre where students can undertake their research.

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University of California at Santa Barbara: is a mid-sized private college located in Santa Barbara, California. Also, the material research laboratory and the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies are located within the campus. It offers over 200 undergraduate majors, degrees and other credentials in humanities and arts and engineering and science programs. Santa Barbara also provides research programs where students engage field researchers to gain work experience and college credit.

Middlebury College: is located in Middlebury, Vermont. It is a middle-sized, private liberal arts college with an approximated annual average population of 26,000 students. It offers two majors that relate to ecology and the environment. In case of difficulties in writing your ecology essay, order your paper from EssayKitchen at an affordable price. The university is so committed to sustainability through the elimination of carbon emissions (carbon neutrality).


Before you choose the best university that suits your requirement, consider checking each one of the above universities’ websites. You should know the requirements and programs each college offers. Location is an important factor when choosing your college since it has a direct influence to your welfare.