Top Natural Gas Saving Tips You Should Know

The rising cost of business energy is worrying. It is making many businesses struggle. However, business owners can come up with strategies to save energy on natural gas. For instance, choosing suitable business gas deals can save energy.  The following tips and tricks will help any business lower its natural gas bills.

Energy Audit

If you want to cut down on natural gas costs, start with energy audits. Regular audits offer you the foundation tool for tracking your energy usage, helping you come up with policies for cutting these costs down.

Use the energy audit tools to highlight areas where you waste energy. They will also give you a road map to take when saving energy. In a nutshell, energy audit tools will help you achieve energy efficiency in your facility.

Typically, an energy audit will go through the following phases:

  • Energy Use Overview—Here, the energy auditor will come to your organization. His/her main tasks include collecting and analyzing your company’s energy usage data. This data is used to come up with the Energy Usage Intensity. It will also assess the areas of improvement to make your company more energy efficient.
  • Site assessment—The auditor will also undertake a site assessment. Here, he/she will start interviewing the employees. An auditor will also inspect your building, check the equipment, and collect data. This step is designed to build a comprehensive profile of your company’s energy usage.
  • Cost analysis—This is the phase where the auditor analyses the data collected. Here, cost-saving opportunities will be pinpointed. The auditor will document recommendations for your company.
  • Audit report—In the audit report, the auditor will summarize the findings. He/she will present recommendations. The recommendations will take into consideration the nature of your business. It will also consider the financial stability of your business.

Energy audits cost money. However, the cost will depend on the assessment level. In most cases, the cost will be around 12 to 50 cents per sq foot. It’s important to note that an energy audit is a vital aspect of any business. So, consider it an investment. Besides saving you energy, audits give you complete control over your company’s energy usage.

Clear Air vents

Air vents and filters can get old and dirty. This means that they will block the air passage. As a result, you will use more energy. Air contamination gives your HVAC system more work. It uses more energy to keep the interiors comfortable. That’s why you should always clean the vents. Here are key benefits of maintaining the vents:

  •  Efficient operation—If you want your vent to run efficiently, maintain it well. Remove the dirt from its surfaces,
  • Energy reduction—A well-maintained vent uses less energy. It also eliminates those costly repairs.

Don’t ignore your vent. Maintain it. Doing so will lower your gas bill and save a lot of money. An energy audit will reveal areas you should work on when it comes to vents.

Fix Air Leaks

Air leaks can waste energy. For instance, old windows, broken doors, as well as leaking walls can cost you money. Air leaks will affect the temperatures of your interiors. The HVAC system will do more work to make the interiors comfortable. At the end of the day, more energy will be used. That’s why you should fix these issues to save energy.

Replace old windows. Bring in energy-efficient doors. Carry out a home renovation today. This is what will save you more energy.

Advanced Power Strips

With power strips, you have an option that lets you maximize the outlet capabilities of your building. They are effective when dealing with more equipment units. Advanced power strips regulate your devices’ energy use, especially when plugged on. According to experts, these power strips are designed to eliminate vampire loads.

Unplug Equipment

If your business is small, investing in APS can be out of reach. Still more, some businesses aren’t in a position to invest in power strips. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot save energy. You can still do away with vampire loads. The best way to deal with vampire loads is to unplug unused equipment. Power off all equipment, especially when not in use.

Don’t leave the equipment on during weekends and holidays. Power them off at night to save on gas bills. When do you use your equipment? If it’s during the day, they should be turned off at night. Bring the employees on board. Sensitize them about the importance of powering equipment off.

Temperature Adjustment

One of the biggest consumers of energy is the heating and cooling of the interiors. That’s why you should pay close attention to the heating and cooling energy usage in your company.

For maximum efficiency, set the thermostat to the level of 78 degrees during the summer. However, adjust it to 85 degrees after work. This will save you energy.

During the summer, adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees (during work). On the other hand, after work, the temperature should be set to 85 degrees.

However, take into consideration the overall contort of your employees when adjusting the temperature. Remember, comfort determines the productivity of your employees. Thus, consult first before adjusting the temperature.

Programmable Thermostat

Ditch your manual thermostat. It gives you extra work trying to adjust the temperature at night. Instead, replace it with a programmable thermostat. Easy to use, a programmable thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature of your spaces. You can use these accessories to schedule temperature temperatures in your interiors. They sense the level of temperature in the surrounding. This means that you will not waste energy.

Other Tips

Here are additional tips and tricks for saving gas energy:

  • Bring in energy-efficient equipment
  • Regularly maintain your HVAC Equipment

Switch to a good energy supplier. Compare rates before switching to a new energy supplier

The Bottom-Line

Running a successful business requires the right strategies. You should cut down overhead costs. Lower your electricity bills. Save on natural gas. Use the above tips and tricks to lower your business’s overall natural gas bills.