Top Tips To Easily Maintain Your Rental Property

Renting out a property is a great way to make money from real estate and it can either help to pay for a mortgage or even make you some serious profits. While most tenants are clean, tidy, and respectful towards rental properties, damage can still occur due to general wear and tear or the same kind of issues that occur in our own homes. The trick is to design and decorate your rental property so that the necessary maintenance will be minimum and so that everything is easy to repair or replace if a problem occurs.

To help make the lives of all the landlords and landladies out there a lot easier, here are top tips to easily maintain your rental property.

1. Complete Due Diligence on Tenants

While the vast, vast majority of tenants will be clean and tidy and will treat your property as if it is their own, there will be a tiny majority who could potentially cause major damage. As the property owner, it is up to you to do due diligence on any potential tenants to ensure that they will take care of the home. This will include interviewing them to see if you can get a gauge of their character, but more importantly, getting a letter of reference from their previous landlords. Once you have decided to rent your property to someone, make sure that you get a security deposit from them at the start of their lease. This is typically between one and three months’ rent, and it is money that you can use to repair or replace anything which the tenants damage. You should also make sure that all the terms of the rental contract are clear when it comes to their responsibility as tenants with regard to keeping the property clean and tidy. 

2. Provide Tenants with the Means to Throw Out Trash

To help your tenants keep the property in good shape, you will need to provide them with the means to throw out the trash. In many states such as Georgia, trash will be collected on a weekly basis by the local government services, but especially at the start or end of their lease, your tenants may have a huge amount of trash. In this case, hiring roll off dumpsters Athens GA can be the ideal solution for helping your tenants get rid of a lot of unwanted things. This can also be good if you need to do a big clear out of your rental property in between different tenant’s leases. 

3. Put Down Easy Clean Flooring

The floors are one of the areas of a home that can get the dirtiest, and if you don’t want to have to replace the flooring every time a new tenant is about to move in, you need to install easy-to-clean flooring. Carpets are a big no-no when it comes to rental properties as are expensive tile floors which can easily get damaged. Choose durable hardwood or laminate flooring which will rarely need replacing and which can be cleaned and repaired easily and cheaply. If your tenants want more comfortable flooring then you can buy reasonably priced floor rugs to make the hard flooring cozier.

4. Organize Regular Inspections

There are laws that prohibit landlords and landladies from doing surprise inspections on their tenants but you can organize regular inspections to check that your tenants are looking after your property. These can be every few months or so, just make sure that you give the amount of notice which is legally required and is agreed upon in the rental contract. Just knowing that you are committed to keeping the property in good shape should be enough to remind your clients that you won’t accept any damage or neglect from them.

5. Bring in a Professional Cleaning Company Between Tenants

Nobody likes moving into a home that still has traces of the previous tenants. In order to keep your rental property in good shape and to provide new tenants with a clean and comfortable new environment, you should always have the property professionally cleaned between tenants. If the previous tenants took good care of the property then this won’t cost you too much money, and if they didn’t, you can use their security deposit to pay for the cleaning.

In order to keep making money through your rental property, it is so important that you keep it in good shape. From designing an easy-to-maintain interior to providing your tenants with everything they need to keep the house clean and tidy, there are so many things you can do. Follow these easy tips and you will be sure to maintain a fantastic rental property.