Transforming Park Ave

Dumpsters turned to swimming pools for city residents, from the creative minds at Macro Sea.© Macro Sea

Since 2008, the New York City Department of Transportation has promoted the Summer Streets Initiative—temporarily closing Park Avenue and connecting streets to motorized vehicles during the first three Saturdays of August in order to encourage more sustainable forms of transportation like walking and biking. A highlight of the initiative this year, taking place on August 7,14 and 21 from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., is the "dumpster pool," a dumpster-turned-swimming pool surrounded by a metal deck with a rubber surface, portable changing cabanas, showers and toilets.

The dumpster pools, which have been cleaned and given protective linings and water filtration systems, were designed by a Brooklyn based-company called Macro Sea, a company that is developing a number of "interim use projects," like the pools, to "transform and energize the urban landscape."

Another Macro Sea project called Glassphemy unites recycling and rage instincts. The project is a 20-foot high, 30-foot long steel tower encased in bulletproof glass, where people throw glass bottles at the inner wall. The company calls it a "visceral and psychological recycling center." At its first event in May, bottles from local bars were ready to be smashed by attendants, the debris of the bottles then reused to make lights, art and other creative projects. Since its first event, Marco Sea has partnered with artists and publications like ReadyMade Magazine, to start creative contests, "prolonging the life of the bottles that once held your brew."

SOURCE: Macro Sea.