Caring For Trees During The Winter

winter treeWinter brings ice and snow, causing people to forget about lawn care. People believe that plants die and they get a break from yard work. However, winter is the best season to caring for your trees to bring about a gorgeous lawn in the spring. Trees and plants do not die during the cold months, but they do go dormant. This makes it an ideal time to prune and prepare for the blooming months.

Easier to Evaluate Health

When your trees are full of leaves, evaluating their health is more difficult. However, when your tree trimmer is looking only at branches, they can see which areas need pruning. It is better for their health to remove the dead branches and give room for healthy to grow. Removal of unhealthy portions also prevents damage from occurring due to ice breaking limbs.

Improved Appearance

You have your hair trimmed every few weeks to improve the health and appearance. The same is true with greenery. When you allow a tree trimming service to care for your shrubs, they recover quicker in the spring. Trees offer shade in the hot, summer months. Therefore, it is vital to make sure you give as much chance for new branches to grow.

Prevents Spread of Disease

Shrubbery is not the only thing to go dormant during the cold, harsh winters. Bugs, parasites, fungi, and bacteria do as well. This is great for the treatment of diseases. Oak wilt and fire blight are two diseases that can spread quickly if not treated. Cooler temperatures allow tree trimmers to preserve the health of your crops for future seasons.

Prepare Trees for Spring

There are three phases to prepare your trees for spring, and a good service assists with all of them. The first phase is the inspection of damage and pruning. The second phase is preparing for the blooming period. All leaves, yard waste, and branches need removal to prevent bacteria from growing. Place the fertilizer around all shrubbery that fight against the pests looking for a place to hide, and provide nutrients all winter long. Finally, during the third phase, you will place mulch around the base of trees. The mulch increases moisture content and promotes healthy tree growth. When you contact your service company, consult with them on the best products for your needs and any other things you can do to make your yard look the best.

When you have a lawn, yard work does not stop when the cold settles in. What you do during the winter months will determine how beautiful your yard is during the spring and summer. Palmetto Tree Service ( offers everything you need to be the envy of the neighborhood. Contact them with any questions you may have or emergency services that arise.